[iii] Illuminoorti open recruitment

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Share what with anyone? This is all I see…:



then you are not worthy.

jk you are


Some updates and a bump for the post :heart:
Join us, and together, our chisel will be the chisel that pierces the heavens! :sunglasses:


And, we have cookies.


What kind of cookies? Chocolate Chip?


Don’t you bait us with those oatmeal raisin cookies!


Oatmeal raisin cookies are heresy.


Did I get accepted then Hav? Or?


Well, Good Sir, heresy sounds delicious!


I also like to join as (Miner, Scout or Fabricators)


@Oortarch yes of course, have you already joined the discord channel?
@Peyago well I’m not the inquisition, so enjoy your heresy! Wait, yes I am! BLAM!
@Dulki what is your discord name?


where i can sign in? :slight_smile: (builder, worker, fabricator)


just by typing in here :wink:


im up then for it :slight_smile:


Atm i’ve made this test logo. Any special texture you guys think will fit? can do it with almost all boundless block textures^^


I knew gravel is important!


for the first time ;D


Circles!?? Now that’s heresy. @Havok40k get in here!
Looks pretty cool tho… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Jiivita made a coo Video about our Guild and Guild Hall / Island … It’s worth more then just a quick view :heart: :wink:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_iOYbfbz1w


Thank you @Jiivita for the awesome video and explanation of our guild. Any player is welcome to come and have a look around and join if interested.

No experience is required, you can become your own player with the help of illuminoortie backing you. The only request of the guild is to help us grow and expand. We need to find our ancestors and YOU might be the one to crack the code.

Our main goal as illuminoortie is to find tech related to our ancestors and get in touch with them to help us harness the full power of the boundless universe. Slowly we are uncovering more and more of there caverns and locating more of there abandoned ships and lost tech.

Help us harness the true power of the universe.