Illegal Protocol Message only on specific portal?

Hi, I’m getting illegal protocol message after awhile awaiting response from DK mall portal in Guardian Biitula hub. It goes to Tana VII, but Tana VII isn’t down and there is another portal to that world nearby that works completely fine. It also shows the latency as unplayable next to the little wifi symbol. If I go to the DK mall on Tana through another hub, I can go through the portal in question from the other side just fine and then I can go back and forth fine only until I leave the worlds in question and return to that original portal in Guardian its back to illegal protocol again.

The only thing weird I can think of is the owner was activating the portal for the first time as I was entering the world through my nearby portal? I havn’t been able to stop anyone and confirm whether or not its just me yet also.
Edit: Walked in on a big hunt group meeting up in the hub and asked them if it worked for them, everyone got the same error from this particular portal.

I had a similar issue with portals, seemed a bit random, even sanctum gave me that error. Went away after an hour or so.

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I hope it will soon, its been about 3 days. I didn’t report on it right away. If i run into the owner I’ll try to bring it to their attention. It might only need a reset.

Is this still happening?

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It was as recently as a day or two ago, but logged in just now to check and it works now. :slight_smile: