iLLumiNaughty Discord

I wouldn’t normally come here to recruit members on my Discord, but today my iLLumiNaughty Discord disappeared. I’m think my ex co-leader may have deleted the server. I’ve had a couple people as me why they’ve been locked and I don’t want anyone to think that. No one was kicked.

I have created a new server.

So, this is not a “hey join iLLumiNaughty post, but rather “if you were effected by this travesty”… post.

Stay Boundless! :nerd_face::+1::heart:

Oh and don’t forget to place your vote for the Wall Art Contest!:blush:



Might consider adding the word “moved” or “changed” to your title so older members don’t ignore this thinking it’s a general recruiting post.

Also that sucks sorry to hear it.

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Hehe and here I thought NepNep had fallen from grace in your server ^^

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