Illuminoorti Biitula Plotting issue


Could someone from Illuminoorti please contact me?

It seems like someone from your group is boxing me and my GF in. We are the Northern neighbours of the Portal Seekers Hub. We have settled there right from the start and are there for over a month now. We enjoyed pre-release and were looking forward to be able to just do our thing in peace while being near a Portal Hub.

I haven’t logged in for 2 days and today I see that plots are being claimed right around our area. I looks like we are really being boxed in on purpose. I don’t really appreciate this and for me it feels like griefing as we were planning to build some thing over the water. Could I please have some meeting with someone representing your group to come to some agreement?

I don’t mind really who is warden of our settlement as being part of a larger whole gives us coin. I am not interested in controlling a huge area etc. We are casual players and I would not mind building some bridge or road for you to connect to so people can travel across our land. Just boxing in people without asking like this is frustrating and annoying.

So please I appeal to your kind and neighbourly nature. Contact us… we are actually EU players, so I am most of the time online between 20:00 and 23:00h CEST.

PS Towards the devs… For me… This may turn us away from the game and I don’t think we stand alone on this topic.

Hey there…

As you know that whole area blew up and many people decided to try to fit in the middle of all builds instead of using the huge planet to expand into. Just put some coordinates in and I can see what is up and if it was something by mistake fix it.

There is a clear buffer from our settlement and PS hub because we were in that area first so maybe you got caught in the middle of it. I know some of the buffer was tightened up and maybe that caused a problem. If so I apologize and can certainly get it fixed if it is possible.

Just let me know coordinates. You can get it from the Places area under current location. Just PM me directly.

Thanks for your patience while I look into it.

  • Xaldafax
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I looked into this and it was not an intentional boxing in. Instead it was trying to create a connection point.

Since you did have plans for it I had them remove the plots, though. I would strongly suggest that you plot the area you want as soon as possible so no one else takes it. That area has exploded recently and I’d hate to see you get boxed in by someone that won’t be flexible.

Sorry again for the issue. As I mentioned, we really weren’t trying to give the impression it did.

Warmest Regards,


Hi Xaldafax

Thank’s a lot for the quick response and kindly removal of those plots. As I didn’t have the plots available I gave some up at the other end (more on your side), so you are welcome to those.

I claimed the plots I was targeting, if I now made things difficult for your group, then let me now. As long as we can discuss this in this way I can try to be flexible.

During our first week PS also asked us to give up plots. We had plotted a bridge directly to their hub as we liked to use they network. As they wanted to build up in the air in that section, we gladly gave it up in return for a connection road around the area and we joined their guild as well.

Thanks again and hope we can all enjoy the game further. Best community ever!

Best regards,

Hi there…

I hope you saw my personal message. We can chat that way or you can hit me up on discord. I’m glad things are ok… let me know if we can help you in anyway, etc!