I'm after a knowledgeable forger to go into business with


I have a few places now that i can buy Gem tools at a good price. I dont have the time or patience to forge. Would like a forger that would be able to forge them for me for a cost. If they start selling well in my niche shop i would also look at doing profit share down the track. Would be after AOE, Durability and damage. Let me know. Would only be a couple at a time at the start unless business goes crazy.


If you provide me with the materials and tools I can do the forging for you. Already sell them consistently at my shop. However just to be totally frank since I don’t want to mislead. Consistently putting 3x3 Aoe, Durability and damage on a gem hammer is expensive as hell! To get all 3 of those boons on the hammer requires bending the RNG to your will with some very expensive crafting materials. And even then it’s possible to get very unlucky. Consider that with your request. Guaranteeing one particular boon is simple but guaranteeing All of them would not be cost effective in the long run.


Cossack i cant find our messages lol, i should have more catalyst soon to forge some for you