Im Going Crazy

Okay so last night after playing 8 hours non stop i was having a dream ill explain that dream here…

I was In the middle of Asgan it was busy like really busy and there was a server announcement about a update so i reset my game, i came back in this time i was in the game, it was update 123, instantly i notice weapons were added smithing etc so i went and made this weird freakish looking black armor it looked badass though, and i made this spear which had weird gravitational effect to it basically it drew my enemy’s into it, so anyway i made this and i realised i couldnt log out i ended up looking at the ships down at the dock and saw they were moving away fast but no sailors… this was odd so after meeting with the gathering off shipowners that just created we ended noticing a health bar next to the ships and all of a sudden a big Kraken/Shark/Titan think came out bursting out the sea… so im there with some other sailors. A bowman, a dualwielder and a midget guy with a big ferking hammer.

The titan thing spots us can’t remember its name and it comes charging to Asgan basically making easy work of our galleons and i thought ot myself, This is my city i must make a stand so strategically me and the bowmen started throwing grapples at the masts on the ships which were now sinking into the sea i ended up throwing myself into the face of this titan driving my spear into its eye…

And then i woke up in sweat then went back to playing Oort Online… unfortunatley these weapons werent added neither the armour and asgan was quiet like normal.


Love it.

8 hrs straight!?? I was just there visiting an hour ago, it has grown so much since I visited last!!!

oh yeah ive started doing speedbuilds in the middle of editing one

What the … look what I wrote some weeks ago … just here …

Oh my gosh, it must be a illuminati conspiracy! … @BEN, what have you done to us???

Oort Online is really a mind control game. Thats my theory.


With it they plan the future world and how to enslave us as building, exploring, defending or mining drones, I’m sure! ^^

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You had a vision of the future, my brother. :scream:

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I had a dream not too long ago that I was out exploring and mining, and a titan rose up out of the ground and all the people exploring with me were extremely surprised because we didnt know titans existed…
Then I woke up and realized I need to stop having OORT dreams LOL