I'm going on a semi-break

Hello there. I’m still experiencing issues with boundless. At this point I can’t even open warps to any planet anymore. We shut the game and loaded it again. We cut the internet connection and reconnected. We even deleted Boundless and installed it again. Still can’t warp. While running through planets areas disappear and bug, making that I can’t run smooth anymore, can’t Grapple anymore.

So yeah, what’s the point. I’m stopping my boundless streams and gameplay for unknown time. If you see me hopping around then most likely for maintenance of current community projects or because I need to finish something off that I promised to do.

I got no other words to share. Stay boundless :boundless:


Hope it works better for you soon and you can play Boundless like before.


enjoy your break :smiley: more at Discord :smiley:


Please be sure to come back. Your builds are wonderful.

Speaking of … We will make sure that any prizes you might win from the Isle of Aquarius contest gets to Host if you are not back in game yet.

One of us will connect with him to check your status.

Look on the bright side … naps! :stuck_out_tongue:


Have a nice “semi-break” :kissing_heart:


Everyone needs a Break at some point Boop!
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :heart:


It’s not a planned or wanted break. I actually have no clue what to play else. So it’s unfortunate really. We got to borrow shortly a Playstation of a neighbor few days ago to see if that is doing a difference. But nope. It’s not the Playstation that is dying. It seems an issue with boundless or as friends say lost data packages. Our internet is good and other games play smoothly. I sent a ticket to the support last week Saturday. Since Thursday the status is, that Tiggs sends the information over to the team and James to see what they can come up with.

Today’s update:

I have the feeling they work on it? I can open warps from sanctum again for now. Can’t say yet about on world located portals as those have randomly issues. I explored shortly Kadari to see if there’s any changes with the random world disappearing glitches. It looked at first positive but after like 10 regions I had repeatedly glitches again.

My crafter char has planet portal issues :roll_eyes:

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