Im going to Fallout with you

just a off topic thread to talk about a certain little thing we all may be hyped for…

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whaaaaaaaat??? this couldn’t be…

Finally :cry:

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5 hours till i have a heart attack

50 minutes left.

ITS IN BOSTON I know it.

The Massachusett are a Native American people who historically lived in areas surrounding Massachusetts Bay, as well as northeast and southern Massachusetts in what is now the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including present-day Greater Boston. Tribal members spoke the Massachusett language, part of the Algonquian family. The present-day U.S state Massachusetts is named after the tribe.

(the pic has a clear picture of a native american and this links to the state)

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So now you got me sitting and staring at a screan for the next 25 minutes damn you.

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sorry! ima see it then go and finish this speed build then just play fallout for the rest of the day

19 minutes now

5 minutes…

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Now we just need to standby… dammit


I was just about to post that. :smiley:

Dogmeat, deathclaws, airships, bobbleheads, BoS Armour what more could you want…

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now to find 100 pound for a collecters edition and start a countdown till Fallout series

RElease dat i recken is 47160_2

or 04/7/16
or 07/4/16

i reckon this due to the title of the pic, it is in a way a date.

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That picture also makes a great desktop :smiley: