Im new But my account is over 4 years old. Does this benefit me in anyway in-game?

Like the title says. IM the original owner but i just haven’t touched the game since i baught it. (tho played around a bit when they did the temple building thing also with the torches/grapel hook and beacon). but I logged in today and saw the game is vastly different. from the world to the servers and races to crafting and hunting even a skill tree basically everything. while im all good for learning everything as if im a new player. my main question is: ““does being an old player and having an old account give me any benefits or advantages in-game?””

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I’m sure there are going to be many things that you’ll have to learn along the way. I’m new so I can’t speak for the older players. New items, new crafting system, different mechanics, it may seem like a lot, but you’ll pick it up quickly.

thanks for answering but that not really what i was asking.

Could you clarify? I guess I’m having trouble understanding your original post. What kind of advantages are you talking about? Like in game rewards?

I see now, my bad for not interpreting this correctly. I will let someone else answer this. My initial reaction was no probably not, but I’ll let the others chime in.

Im just glad you answered thanks for trying to help.

How much did you play before? It’s possible you may have acquired more plots than others but if it was before the last wipe I’m not sure what was preserved as I haven’t been here for more than 6 months and havent seen a wipe.
Another possibility would be if you bought a higher tier package than just the basic game… higher tiers have other perks like more plots per level as well as some others that have not been added to the game yet. Anyway I hope that helps :slight_smile:

If you have not played the game for over 2 years, then you will feel as new as the next person who just bought the game. To my knowledge, as far as where being part of the game is concerned at this time, you have no advantage in game if you have not played the game for that long. The early adopters of the game who have been playing since the last wipe will have some vast advantage at this point because they would have accumulated a vast stash of rare resources before they became rare, they have more plots, and more skill points to spend.

But, if you have not been playing since the last wipe, then it will be just like anyone who has just started to play the game. Welcome back though !

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If you need some bits to get you started so you don’t have to repeat too much give me a shout and i can give you some bits and pieces to help out…

Are you sure you replied to the right person? Lol im pretty stacked, I should be the one helping noobs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just noticed some of your builds, thought you might need a hand getting things looking right :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)

let me know if you need anything to help you start out again…

since the skill resets… everyone has the same amount of skill points when reaching lvl 50

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Oops. I forgot about that part. My bad.