Im thinking of saving up for early access

is it worth buying the game now? im fine with just building if thats the case

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I’ve logged 313 hours so far (and many have done far more than I have) and I think it is–and will continue to be–worth everything I’ve invested so far in terms of cash and time.

The water, as they say, is fine. New player means new ideas means a better game in 2016.


If you have not experienced pre-alpha development before, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do you expect the game to have 90% or more of features?
  2. Do you expect the game to have a very few bugs?
  3. Do you expect to be able to play whenever you feel like it?
  4. Do you expect the game to comparable with existing released games?
  5. Do expect a lot of players online to play with you?

If you answered yes, to any of the above, then you should wait… unless… you just want to contribute to the development.

That said, if you said no to all of the above and have patience, then it can be really fun to help test it. :slight_smile:



thanks i might save up

one question can i play with my brother if he got it?

Yes you can^^

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Just like @KuroKuma said, yes.

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I agree with the others in that I think it’s worth the investment. Not only do you get to have your voice be heard in surveys, but you get some experience with combat, building, exploring, physics, etc. And with every update comes more content to experience prior to release.

Also, you may not have seen this yet since you joined the forums recently, but in development is a way to give other people a “token” that will allow them to create warps and portals to your location. So not only will you be able to play with your brother, but you’ll be able to split up during exploration or while one of you is gaming with the other one offline and come back together with relative ease too!

Another tip, the Pioneer level includes 2 early access keys. So you get perks for two people.

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ok thanks :slight_smile:

yea i saw that but i dont have that kind of money to spend lol

wow thats awsome!

Do it if you want to help development, but expect a very unfinished game with not a lot of content.


i do want this game to be big so i will be saving up for the 35$ package :slight_smile: since it will be on ps4 it should get loads of people playing. i really hope the developers dont abandon this game but im sure they wont! :smiley:

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