I'm tired of explaining to people Oort is not a minecraft clone when introducing it

The title says it all.
It can be hard sometimes ;_;

Sometimes i just try to explain to them Minecraft by itself wasn’t completely original either and borrowed alot of ideas from infiniminer - the cubes, the procedural generation, the way lava flows, the mining for ores, the TNT, the building aspect… those are all things minecraft borrowed from infiniminer… and there is nothing wrong with that because minecraft evolved and became it’s own thing! and the same thing also applies with Oort - it surely borrowed ideas from minecraft, but it’s evolving what minecraft did and becoming it’s own thing as well!

Squidgy puts it out pretty well in this vid :slight_smile:


:blush: :blush:

This is my usual reply in forums to this question, feel free to quote it in the future:

Here’s our ambition for our difference to Minecraft / [insert voxel game here] in the simplest way I can describe it: how you’ll actually play the game.

  • You start on a new world with no equipment
  • Survive against the environment and creatures
  • Search for and gather Oort Shards, unique to the world you’re on
  • Craft a Beacon using Oort Shards
  • Place your Beacon and build a place to call home and store your items
  • Find your friends or other players and build a shared Beacon space
  • Share items, resources and collaborate on creations with your friends
  • Search for the unique Titan of your world
  • Get killed by the Titan (you’re not powerful enough yet!)
  • Mine and gather for the best equipment available for your Tier 1 world
  • Return to the Titan with your friends. Defeat it and get your revenge!
  • Harvest the defeated Titan carcass for Rift Shards
  • Open a Portal to a new Tier 2 world using the Rift Shards
  • Travel through the Portal with your friends to the new world with new creatures, flora, and resources
  • New world is further away than the first, it’s more exotic and more dangerous
  • (Return to top of this list and work your way down again, increasing the Tier each time)

That’s what we anticipate the core play loop of Oort Online to be, although we’re still building towards it right now so if you’re not into early access games, I’d wait for 1.0. We think it’s going to stand on it’s own, no comparisons to Minecraft (or any other voxel game for that matter) needed, as they’ll be different :slight_smile:


Think this is an interesting question: What do people see as the main differences between Minecraft and Oort Online?

I’d be interested to know which statements resonate the most with people.

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It is more focused on the RPG aspects rather than pure survival lego type game.


Minecraft still has some RPG tho. and it also has multiplayer.

I think the main diffrence is that while minecraft tries to be as general as possible and not focus on any storyline or anything in particular, Oort if a full on MMORPG, and because it focuses on those aspects, it does them alot better.

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i tried to get into minecraft, the idea is nice. but the wannabe RPG systems really annoyed me too much to ever get really into it :confused:

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To begin with being compared with Minecraft is the greatest asset.


  1. Better performance and graphics.
  2. Less need for MODs to make it fun
  3. Better multiplayer support
  4. Economy (biggest difference)
  5. Mobs that can kill you (i hope)
  6. Some RPG and MMO elements like quests.


  1. No Linux or SteamOS support

As of now we have a good starting point and basis for what you want the game environment to be. As of this second it is comparable to Minecraft, and unfortunately (if im being completely honest) without the promise of more isn’t worth the $35 price tag. So for bang for your buck this second, the difference isnt much.
That’s not to say I dont trust you guys and dont expect this game to be amazing :smile: cause im here everyday trying to contribute and looking forward to any updates.

Anyways, heres the main points i think:

Right now? A grappling hook, superior visuals, and Devs that take input from the community and want the community to help shape the game.

In the future? (Hopefully) Much better combat, a much deeper RPG/MMORPG element, a more defined progression of worlds and difficulty. Better enemies and bosses, Actual character creation rather than skins. More in depth player customization. Basically a game that takes Minecraft and combines it with a MMORPG with dedicated servers that act as different worlds rather than traditional zones as in other MMORPGs.


Yes, I am liking this. It is OP, but not nearly as bad as flying.

  1. Beauty of the graphics
  2. RPG with professions, races and skills
  3. MMO-elements
  4. Few of different world with portals

When I hear “MMORPG”, I think first about Allods Online.
When I hear “Oort Online”, I think about voxel-style Allods

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Minecraft at its core(no mods) is very bland. there is no introduction to a story, it’s just there. Once you do discover everything it has to offer though. It gets boring fast. To me, downloading mods and adventure maps is what made it fun, but I wanted something more than that. I wanted the actual game to make it as fun as how the players made it to be.

In Oort Online, it’s much different. The graphics already made me feel immersed into the world. The ideas you guys presented brought it to life even more in my mind. So in truth, I see Oort Online as hope for a new and entertaining game for both players and the builders.


I actually disagree with you, i think Minecraft is fantastic even without any mod, to be honest.
Messing around with command blocks and redstone is a ton of fun, and the game actually has alot of content all over the place, espicially now with the 1.8 update. I truly belive that as of right now, minecraft is the pinnacle of sandbox games. (tho it would benefit from getting a better game engine)

I think both Minecraft and Oort are fantastic, each in it’s own way :slight_smile:

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minecraft is a good lego simulator.

also i agree with nyuudles, minecraft is a very bland game, its amazing for cretions but for everything else it is kinda meh.

i hope oort can become what minecraft lacks :smiley:

Minecraft is much more than a lego simulator, and it’s not bland.
Minecraft actually has an insane amount of depth once you really get into it.

Those vids are all vanilla, PURE VANILLA MINECRAFT, with no mods:

A robot with AI, made from armor stand and command blocks:

A chair and dining table in vanilla minecraft, made with command blocks:

Rainbow color changing beacon: (with no command blocks - survival friendly!)

Various flying machines! (with no command blocks - survival friendly!)

that still doesnt mean its not bland for the individual person ya know.

i never got into minecraft since even though i liked the idea i just didnt find it fun to run around and use all of my time on getting stuff to survive and build houses (i absolutely suck at building)

minecraft had the great advantage of allowing mods though, i starter working on a huge mace which i enjoyed, but i stopped, because i new that even if i build it, nobody would ever see it or use it, that was my biggest problem, it being offline.

but yeah i used minecraft to make art but nothing else.

so im not saying its bad, im just saying that i found it extremely boring to play.

Well i disagree with you but i respect your opinion.
Personally, I think both Minecraft and Oort are amazing, each one in it’s own way :slight_smile:

I would definitely say the RPG elements (for example dangerous environment and race and skills/professions) and the tier progression, is what makes Oort different game play wise, if not counting the obvious extra worlds and the not so gameplay related Lore.

yeah. i look forward to seeing how they implement player progression

As far as convincing people that this isn’t Minecraft, just remember this isn’t a completed game yet. You can’t really tell them too much at this point in time. In the future when this game explodes with content, then you can tell your friends I told you so. Then you can mock them more by fighting a Titan while they have yet to make an account.