Im under the impression we can't run a map we made with worldbuilder. Is this correct?

I apologize if this has been answered. I can’t seem to find a way to load a map made with worldbuilder. is it not possible? will it ever be possible to run a private standalone world?

Yup you are correct.

I think the team mentioned something about working on a tool but i can’t find it right now?

they are going to be allowing people to create stand alone detached servers which will have your map and your rules but these ones will most likely not be connected to the mains(the current ones) so your items you have on your private won’t transfer to the mains that way it won’t be possible to cheat with resources.

so yes it will be possible just not currently as they are still building the tools and working on the game as it needs more work on it currently if it is to reach a release build by late 2015

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