Imma make my own clones! Georgio? (rp)

I’ll make my own clones in my own laboratory! Its in alder in an undisclosed location :stuck_out_tongue: Natural clones may overtake that georgio army and I can rule biitula! Muahahaha

@krasniy and all the other rulers of biitula, beware my clone army!

@georgegroeg i got the idea from you and i’ll make a lot of natural clones :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome! Don’t worry about me though…we have the SPQR

You’re going to need a lot of clones! And I think I have a portal to your laboratory. Lol.

yea! :stuck_out_tongue: I wont close it cuz ez acess to the lab. Btw i may pick them off their pods prematurely so they’ll be tiny. I’ll store some before being activated in YET ANOTHER UNDISCLOSED LOCATION


Ehm…this is all…very confusing…should we be worried for…a clone war? :thinking::wink:


Seems fantastical, but…

In RS you can pay a butler NPC to go collect items for you, go to the bank for you, etc. There are 3 diff levels…each one can do more than the previous one.

In some games, you can tame creatures and have them carry things for you, provide defense, etc.

First harvest went well. I plan to use some to guard the portal and in fact there ARE some being guards
Lunai specialty clones grow from a vine off the ceiling. You can color them but theres a rare chance they’ll mutate. One had a super wild mutation where it was a light violet and was growing from a stalk off the floor! Plenty others are growing from that stalk but not the same as the light violet! Wierd right?

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The violet clone matured way more than its supposed to. And somehow can output more. I also sealed the portal so Georgio cannot input any DNA in them