[Imoco] Looking for silk mint gleam (order fulfilled)


I’m looking for possibly a lot (hundreds ?) of silk mint gleam. Depending on your price (make an offer)!

You can contact me IG by my nickname: Koukoulou or you can ask Kakakou too.

My coordinates are: 803N, 2,137E (Altitude: 74).

The hamlet is “La haute tourbière”, you can’t miss it (look for houses on trees and a big SHOP sign).

See yah soon.

totally fair

Still need them?

Yes we still need them :).

just checked my alts, i only have 74. thought i had stacks. (its the other 2 permanent greens that i have stacks of, of course)

Combien ? Farming that gleam right now

@PrincessMaude at least 100 (but several hundreds will be great), but it’s depending on the price. How much for each you want ?

@ctrl-64 Interested, how much for each ?

I don’t usually like getting rid of gleam unless i have more than a single stack… sorry man :frowning:

No problem ! Maybe later if we still need it.

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This gleam is on Lamblis. Is the thread tagged imoco for your build?

Anyways if you don’t want to farm them, I’ll do it for 5c/block they’re mixed with a lot of rock.

Not sure how close that will be to cost, i only have 60 ish on hand.

I would see what’s on the new exo that is not showing…

We have everything we need, I can close this topic now.