Improve message when not having the right protection

While in a discussion about how to provide new players with protection food for the TNT hub, i thought to myself: Why do we need to explain this to newer players?

Currently, when you don’t have the right protection and you enter circapous (for example), you will have the protection text flash, can’t see anything and you’ll start drowning.

As a new player who doesn’t know what protection is (or who hasn’t even unlocked the skills for it yet) this can be quite confusing. Why am i drowning? Why is the screen flashing? A lot is going on at the same time and this can feel daunting. The game does hint at what’s wrong by flashing the protection text, but when you don’t know what that is, or when you haven’t even unlocked it, it doesn’t really explain to a new player what he’s doing wrong.

I feel like there could be several ways to help with this issue, so feel free to post your suggestions below! My initial idea is to add some text to the flashing protection (only appears when you don’t have the right protection for the planet), that explains you are lacking protection, then explaining you can aquire it through skills or a food-buff.


I don’t see a reason someone without the right protection should be able to enter that world/portal. They are going to die in 50 seconds unless they leave.


Also if iirc atmosphere number level doesn’t match the skill number


A long time ago, before I had all protections, I used to transit quickly through the PS hub higher teir planets mostly blindly to get to the one I wanted (that I had the correct protections for). Not sure if anyone else does this / did this though.


Yeah I did many times even if it killed me.

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Yeah, i did the same thing. I wanted to get to galan, with only enough skillpoints for the protections for that planet. Just rush through the hubs to get there alive.


But I do agree with your OP :+1: I think its more noticable now with the mass of new players and so many portals from T1 to T4 planets (I have one at my place from Lasaina to TNT Megahub that I make sure to tell new players to avoid at the beginning)

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Yep, I used to do this too. Sometimes I would die there, be stuck for hours trying to get out, and have to msg a friend to come warp me out or let me follow them to a hub/portal. This was before we could warp home for free. lol

I really appreciated the hubs that put gleam in the floor that I could stare at as I tried to walk through the muck to the portal I needed


Maybe when they try to access the portal, there should be a large pop-up that at least says “You do not have the atmosphere protection skill points required to enter this portal/planet. Proceed at your own risk”

Or better yet, the message could be customized to the world they are trying to enter “2 skill points in Caustic Protection are required to access this world…”


Not so much that fact that new players are going to tnt because they don’t what it is, the problem comes when older players try taking them to the hub forgetting about the atmosphere, and some new players may be able to use the the atmosphere protection skills, but other may not be high lvl enough, so have some atmosphere soup :ramen: in the portals could help with old players trying to take new players to the tnt. Temporary allowing the players to enter the hub, and possibly motivating them to try to unlock the atmosphere skills so they can go to the higher tier worlds.

If an old player take a new player to tnt hub and the noob isn’t able to unlock the skill, it’s possible that will get lost with the mist and die.

If we don’t have the right atmosphere protection and can’t see anything, we still know how to get out of that situation, but a new player wouldn’t,

I believe DK has soup for sell in his tnt portal, seems to work for him.

a warning sign would also help maybe ask people that have tnt portals to put warning signs up or maybe use the :warning: emoji

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I feel like you may have misunderstood the point of this suggestions :slight_smile: Because this is exactly what i’m getting at. New players won’t know what to do, so giving them some further explanation on what they’re doing wrong, instead of just telling them “you’re doing it wrong” would likely make the situation a lot more clear :slight_smile:

I’m going to strongly disagree here. If the new player is with a veteran player, the veteran player can tell them what’s going on and help them. If they’re on their own, they don’t have that help. The portal will really look like any other portal, apart from the flashing text.

I used TNT as an example, i’m not making a game-suggestion to change the game purely for TNT portals :slight_smile:

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I realize I messed up with the my last post, I was going to redo it but you got to it first, oh well


Perhaps in the meantime we can ask some our content creators to make a short video on Atmos protection and the various foods. And then give an example of tnt megahub and other guilds higher tiers?

@Jiivita @Ovis

Maybe something one of you might help with as your names pop up first when searching for boundless videos


I’m not sure who actually buys those soups, lol. It seems like people buy one or two, and then someone comes along and buys every single one. I wish people would at least leave one or two for the next guy. FYI I buy the soups in my mall then mark them up and resell them (to cover taxes, not to profit), so I am generally not the best deal in town :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also as noted above, if you know enough to know what the soup is for, you probably don’t need it.

I think the game would be better if t4 didn’t require protections, or if everyone got one free point in each.

I also think everyone should have the portal opening skill for free starting at say, level 15 or 20. And the tutorial should cover it. Maybe make people open a portal in the sanctum as a tutorial step. You have NO idea how many times I’ve had to explain portal opening this week. It is NOT intuitive.

Also, speaking of things I keep having to explain, it would be nice if the game told people that PMs are delayed. Maybe give people a reminder, max once per day (on their first PM sent that day), that PMs May be delayed up to 30 minutes, and to use “whisper” if on the same planet. Also, whisper should be the default when you click on someone’s name in chat if it is available.

Bring on the hate for my QoL suggestions to help noobs! I thrive on it!

In my experience, Whisper is indeed the default when you click on someone’s name in the chat.
It looks exactly the same as if you are going to PM them but if you are on the same world it will Whisper instead.

I do remember the first time this happened to me. Scared the stuff out of me.


Added a warning to my TNT Megahub portal due to the increase in brand new players in my area.


@Soju-VB If you cannot figure this out I would say you might deserve what happens. But I won’t say that because someone might get upset. :rofl:

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People that have been playing the game for a few hours have no concept of protections, as described in the OP. I think one of the other big changes from when I started playing is the amount of direct portals from T1 planets to T4+ planets. It may have just been my experience, but it seemed that the portals I came across when I was new were from T1 to T2 or T3, and then from T3 to T4+ so you had a bit of a buffer between T1 and T4+ that is not there as much now.