In-Game Ad board

My wife has always suggested that there be an in-game bulletin board so players can post locally in a capital wanted or for sale ads.

If anyone thinks this is a good idea perhaps it can be fleshed out a bit more here?


This has been suggested several time and has been confirmed here:

I think that’s a different thing to what I’m suggestion. The “message post” looks to be more like a sign post. What I’m suggesting is a bulletin board with lots of for sale ads on the same board like an auction system but just for sale and wanted ads.

Ah then you can find suggestions about that here:

And here:

Bulleting boards in the sense of posting stuff have been confirmed by Ben a long time ago. but i dont think they will make it so you can make ads that looks like this

but more like you can post a note, make a title and people can click on it to read it.