Inconsistent fps on decent hardware

I think that the frames I’m getting are a little bit odd compared to the hardware that I’m using.
It is impossible to maintain a certain framerate.
The frame rate jumps from is usaually between 22-40 while walking under the following settings:

(for surroundings by daylight see picture below)

I also tried to lower the draw distance and enable depth of field to create a fog effect.
I thought by creating a fog effect and lowering the draw distance that I could create a smaller detailed environment but that didnt work as well.
With these settings the fps varied from 33-49 while walking:

I tried running the game with the lowest options to see what amount of frames I would get.
At first I was suprised that I didnt get to 60 fps but it was alteast the most stable so far with a avearge of 53 - 58 frames.

My hardware:
OS: Windows 8.1
processor: I7-4810MQ 2,8
Video card: gtx 880m

Is there anyway I can improve the overall fps?
I have installed my latest video card drivers.

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Does the fps stabilize after a while when you stand still? The game seems pretty CPU bound when loading new regions while you’re moving around (video settings probably won’t fix that)

In some cases the fps stabelizes after some time, but the on my second monitor I can see that my cpu is never used more than 25%.
So I’m not sure if it is the processor.

As far as I know the fps cap at 60 anyway so getting near that is the best we can get atm. But a detailed report like yours will surely help the devs improving the engine.

I already had the feeling it would cap at 60 but I was just trying some different settings to see how well my hardware performs.
For now, I try to find some settings which make the fps more stable/unstable.

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Have you tried the dx11 version? In steam right click on the game and in choose properties-beta.

At the moment I can only play the dx11 version because the other one doesnt want to connect when I start it.

I have noticed this too. I have two very different machines and get about the same fps.
I think the fps is also very depended on your ping too. However, your screenshots shows a fast ping response. So I do not know, but I too would like to know how I can get good fps and amazing graphics in Oort.

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I think atm there is no way to get decent fps with good graphic settings.

My settup:
16GB 2400MHz RAM
i7 4790k 4,4 GHz
GTX 980 Ti 6GB

And I still experience FPS drops (especially when mining)
I think we´ll just have to wait for a performance update.

We have found a negative performance difference between the current live Steam build and our internal development build that we don’t really understand. Additionally there are some strange NVIDIA driver issues that we’ve not been able to work around yet - specifically when the world is changing and remeshing often. We’re try and get an improved version out asap.

Also, we’ve found disabling the Steam overlay help with performance - so try turning that off.

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I had a similar problem with fps on my computer. I have an i7 and a gtx 660m, and I watched my performance monitor while playing the game and neither went above 50% usage.

Every time I place or break a block, the game freezes for a fraction of a second which is very disconcerting.

Also no matter what graphics settings I have, I get around 20 fps.
All highest settings- 15 fps
All lowest settings- 25 fps

I’ll be in my corner drawing pentagrams with pixie dust and chanting techno mumbo jumbo trying to drive away the computer gnomes.