Inconsistent Substrate In Biome Blended Areas

I’m creating a world in which two somewhat similar biomes are blended. Both biomes have identical substrates (7 blocks of dirt and 1 block of grass). When the biomes blend, the transition area is missing the grass. If I increase the average depth of the grass substrate I get more grass, but it still doesn’t cover 100% of the transition area. Any way to fix this?

It sounds like a bug, but would need @lucadeltodecso to comment / confirm.

Can you share a world config that demonstrates the issue? (The more the config reproducible is stripped down to only contain the issue the better.)

Actually, further checking confirms the following work around (?): if I increase the grass average depth to 2 blocks for each biome I get 100% coverage. Just expecting the 1 block average depth to work.

Here’s the world in-question:
Hills and Farms.js (17.7 KB)

This is stripped down, but does include a “default biome” that can be ignored.

It’s possible that 1 block depth is an edge case that could require a little fix.

Awesome, I’ll use the work around for now. Thanks for looking into this.

File link doesn’t work for me. It’s probably unhappy about the security of a .js file.

Probably best to share it as a github gist.

Oops, sorry. Here’s the Gist:

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