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I know it’s not a wiki, but I’m wondering how to get in touch with whoever is running because I think there is an error listed, and if not, how to confirm that it is correct. It lists Strong Yellow mud on Storis II. I have scouted every region of the planet, and have never seen mud at all. I wonder if this is incorrect, and if not, how do we know?

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@Stretchious I believe he is the one to contact. If memory serves. If it doesn’t I’m sure he knows who to get a hold of. :wink:

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Thank you. @Stretchious, how does the site get it’s data? I’m very skeptical that Storis II has any mud at all.

A lot of it is input manually. I’ll help verify tonight and either post a location for it here, or talk to him in discord.

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Thank you!

@Okkelinor’s spreadsheet concurs with it. Seems likely that someone found some somewhere on that world!.

If it helps, though. Quite a few other worlds have that same color (Imoco, Kada I, Niia Zed Ka, Sochaltin I, Sorissi)

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It’d be super helpful to see a distribution of natural blocks found on each world, though

I’m cataloging planets in my in-game library. It’s important to me if you can find mud on Storis II. If someone claims they found mud on Storis II, I’d like to know where.

I couldn’t find the mud again to confirm, so I’ve removed it from the site. If anyone happens to find any, I’ll add it back on there :wink:


Thanks for checking.

By the way, I love your site. If I have some materials you don’t have listed, should I contact you in a message here?

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@Stretchious Volume

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Thanks :blush:I still need to update plant colours, but yeah if you find things I’ve missed, please do let me know either on here or on discord

@Chivlet VoLuMe

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We’ve got a bunch of the ol placeable plant colours for everything up to and including t3 at fairy tree sanctuary, will send you names when I’m back on

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Angel I

Gravel: Black
Sand: Rust Taupe

Barbed Grass: Deep Yellow
Gnarled Grass: Deep Green
Verdant Grass: Deep Yellow

Cloneflower: Deep Blue
Ghostflower: Green
Gladeflower: Azure
Spineflower: Deep Slate


Also, Storis II listing of Ash is wrong color. Storis II Ash: Strong Cherry (not Dark Orange, that’s Ancient wood color).

EDIT: Also, Storis II Lush Foliage: Viridian, same as Exotic foliage. (newest EDIT: This is wrong. Lush foliage is Teal. My apologies. I wonder if they changed the colors at one point. Thanks to @willcrutchley )


Delta Cancret

Gravel: EDIT: Stale Turquoise (not Cerulean) (thanks @willcrutchley)

Cloneflower: Deep Lavender
Gladeflower: Cerulean
Spineflower: Deep Slate


I have exotic as being viridian and lush being teal :thinking:

Then I have delta cancaret gravel as being stale turquoise … can anyone confirm that I’m wrong?

This is strange. @Steggs101 Did they change the colors sometime after launch? I can confirm Storis II lush as teal (not viridian), but the ones I had collected and sat since launch are viridian. My bad.