Infinity Mall Closing

Hello, just wanted to let people know that the Infinity Mall is closing due to the city falling apart, the mall will be turned into a new city on another planet as monument to my Fallen home city where I’ve been since it was built💔


Ugh! I know the feeling. When my friends all quit playing, moved to a different guild, and one sadly passed away, I felt the same way. I literally felt like crying every time I went by our old builds because they were so full of memories.

I nearly dismantled the guild and gave up, thinking how much coin I would have for myself if it wasn’t for the guild and wondering “why” I was doing it.

Then someone said not to give up. So, I didn’t. I made new friends and got more involved with the rest of the community. I’m so glad I did. :blush:

If you need a new home and a fun group to play with come be Naughty in iLlumiNaughty. We are mostly PS4 players and we are super active. :blush:


Awe Dam I’m sorry to here that! It really does suck :frowning: but it’s good to move on and keep playing!

I thank you for the invite but I plan to build a new city In commemoration of my home city :+1:t2:


If you Need help taking it down/moving the old Buildings let me know. I am not Talking About scavenging.


My first home when I started the game was in infinity city. I would still pop in from time to time to see the changes

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Gl to the future

Sorry to hear!


Sad to see another go. I can see things going full circle and portals to individual shops being back to the norm.

Lets face it, when malls or even markets are all active and full they are great but when it turns into 3 out of 20 being active with the rest being ff traps or abanadoned, it just sucks

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ghandy come visit the sunken town :wink:

For what???

to show we not all going back to the norm :+1:
i also like to show off builds and invite people to have a look
why you asking?

Sounded a tad like you wanted to lure him into setting up shops there instead of Nova Golda Market :wink:

lol that would be lamo hahah im def not a lamo :smile:
nah we been working all night on a system to avoid what he was describing so wanted to proof it doesnt have to be the norm to have a portal mall we actually avoiding it
i have all time in world so i just build it and let it fill up on its own
def no dirty tactics that’s bad for our reputation
i assumed he was talking about falling mall’s so need proof his thoughts are wrong in support off our epic mall’s :+1:
we gonna keep 100shops on a free rent system and divide the footfall equally
@VanguardxKnight just curious why the city affect’s your mall
if ya like i can show you our system’s for ya future mall so ya can have a more durable design

I wanted to do something similar but then decided against it in the end, am now regretting it, sigh

I’m sorry to hear that!!

But, I am glad you are still going to be in game! It’s always awesome hanging out with you, vaping away in discord chat!

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The galaxy cruiser will still stand strong, the city crumbles yet I remain.


Sounds like a good premise to a new survival game. @aaron5

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When one door closes, another opens. When one mall closes… that’s a lot of doors!