Infinity Mall is Open!

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Hello Future Friends! I am happy to announce that the Infinity Mall :infinity: is now open for plotting! After some work , and support from my guild and close friends, I am able to finally open it up to everyone who wants a new shop in a Different Place! Already have a few people who can and plotted some shops! It will still be ongoing to be built bigger . If your not interested in opening a shop you should come by anyway and let me know what you think of it!

The Mall is Located on Raxxa, Infinity City. You can acces is through Wally-World in Duskmoore, or Fairytales Hub, or even in Shop 63/89 in the Gyosha Mall


Thank you to the current Shop owners for coming down and placing a spot for your future shop! I look forward to others who come !


nice job, this place was massive and ready for a ton of shops! Was a pain to find though as I never heard of the other places you mentioned and no coordinates. I bet if you have a portal in Finata and PS you will get more people.


I will have to contact both to see about getting in a high volume area, thank you for your help ! And thank you for enjoying the build!


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