Ingame Community Events (not started by players)


@Smoothy inspired me to make this topic, cuz there was the idea of making events (introduced through ingame mechanics by the devs). I know this type of events also in other games, especially in Elite, where you have 1-4 different global events each week.

There are two questions to be answered:

  • Do you think that such events would be good in B<?, and …

  • What kind of events do you think will fit into the game and how can they be realized (keeping in mind to keep low in developing time)?

@Smoothy had the idea of blueprints (transparent buildings added by the devs) which can be then build with real blocks. When the Building is finished, everybody who helped gets a goodie.

In Elite there are different kinds of Events (all with a small story to them) like hunting pirates in a system, mining for a specific metal, explore many star systems or trade a good to a specific location. When the global effort gets higher it reaches different tiers (to a maximum) while each tier gives greater winnings or special results. All pilots participating are ranked in how much they helped and are grouped up into different levels (Top 5% commanders, Top 15% CMDRs, Top 40%) while the better levels get a better payment. The effects on tiers can be something like “ships in the empire are 10% cheaper for a while”, “A plague was hindered and the port keeps open” or “There are more security vessels in the system” … I personaly do 25-40% of my playtime community events in Elite and it’s great fun, especially when they are connected to the background story and will have effects on it’s future.

So what may fit into B< (if there can be such stuff)? ^^

PS: May be this will not be needed in 1.0, but I personaly think that such events can help to keep players active AND to get them to work together (and let them know and connect each other) :wink:

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While I can’t think of anything that would fit into Boundless, I’m open to ideas^^
I don’t really know Elite but such events might be a bit harder to come up with if about everything ingame is made by players (except for the remnants of the Oort) and there are no NPCs.

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I’d like to bring this old topic back up since it kind of relates to this one :grin:

Of course, everything in here was back when we all kept speculating about Oort’s legacy, but I still liked the idea of going back in the past to reenact the battles between the Oortians in a fun competitive way.


Hmm, just thought about overpopulations of some kind of beasts/foes on a world that would be called out in the forum and ingame (over an anouncement-board which shows News ingame (would be cool to have that … like a “ingame-patchlog-and-other-info-board” ^^)). Then, when the “invasion” is running, all kills of such foes are counted (globaly and per each player and after a set period of time (or a reached maximum) collected special drops turn into currency (more per drop if you have way more then just a few) … on this way such events can be introduced ^^

Also, what’s about a rare (new spawning) good that is then collected in a box or at a special site, like a dungeon enterence … and if enough of that mat is collected there is a reward to get or the door opens?

For explorers there could be rare chests or stuff spawn in hard to reach places, which are needed at a shrine or other place (beast?) to be sacrificed … if enough is sacrificed the gods/oortians are pleased and all players on that world get a 1-week-buff or the beast is pleased and stops roaming the world?

That’s for now … brain is tired … need bed ;D

How about a giant floating structure that takes several cooperating players to be brought down as community event? :wink:


Well, my idea was of course also just an example. And I’m glad I could start some inspiration. At least the core idea was interesting. :smile:

Building something after a blueprint, was my idea of what could fit into boundless. I know a blueprint system always speaks a bit against sandboxes, but when a certain amount of something has to reach a certain place to trigger a certain event, there must be rules to measure it. And a blueprint on which you can see if every stone is on it’s place, could be such measurement of progress.
I think you can also just take ths idea and change it to a collect-materials-quest (what was the first idea). I just didn’t want to just make a copy of WoW. Building is unique here, so I imagined each player, go to the working site, walking up huge stairs and scaffolds or ladders to place their material on the place it has to be. I think it’s nicer then just giving materials to a person, since we have the option of building.

As a reward for those “server events” I can imagine real big things to motivate the maximum of players. My first proposal was the spawn of a new titan as a reward. Also A gate to a new world / server could open. I think exploring new locations (and maybe get better rewards inside those locations) motivates people nearly most to do such a task. Also the ones who already have super high tiers and look for new challenges.

Maybe like a boss as a requirement to open a new world /server :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’re being ironic, but that is exactly the plan. One must bring down a world’s titan to access a higher tier world.


That the fall of a titan opens access to another world I didn’t know, too. Was there a topc in our forum about it? Or did I get this wrong?

Just hope that taking down a titan together is not the only public community task :smile:
I would like to do also kind of collecting tasks. Really liked the idea in WoW when ahn’qiraj opened.

The ahn’qiraj event really was amazing! One of my all time top 10 highlights of gaming history. Thing is though that it was very muchly something of a guided event with lots of special npc and mobs and items made specifically for it, including the entire massive zone- a huge undertaking that has not really been matched since.

There was a gaming loop explaination by ben long time ago … there you had: 1. Come to a random world, 2. build up a home and grow strong, 3. find a titan, 4. get killed by it, 5. grow even more powerful, get to the titan again and kill it, 6. gain stuff from him to be ablte to jump to a higher tier world, 7. go there and begin anew at point 1.

Here is the entire loop:


thx for the search and posting … I just was to tired and lazy ^^

Probably worth pointing out we’ve changed out current thinking on that loop. Short explanation: it’s quite a strict, linear path and the more we thought about it not necessarily the best fit for a sandbox game. Those mechanics are still in place, but in more of an open sandbox-ey way.


I hope you can share some details about that soon.

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Hope so too … Thanx for the Infos, @Ben :smiley:

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Well i didn’t know actually :stuck_out_tongue: Glad i do now :smile:

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