Insane slow connection

I usually get slow connection really randomly, and I’m pretty sure it doesnt have much to do with my internet I played another voxel mmo based in the netherlands and I got better connection. Now all the time I get - bad connection.
every single second.

A few players have reported this issue and it certainly seems to be random. We are looking into what could be causing this.

Any information on when, how or what you were doing before or when it start might shed some light on this.

It’s usually sometime around when Im standing near my crafting area, I feel like it might have something to do with crafting lots of items simultaneosly in one area.

Now I’m getting INSANE lag from standing near otboneo (I believe he’s from Germany) slow network: 12400ms

ey not my fold bro… xD. no it seems to compares to the grafik quality if you set it to epic/grand it will cause a verry very high ping. in the debug window always shows “rendering” with big red numbers the rest is still relaxed.

my System
intel core i5 750
EVGA gtx 960
2TB Seagate HDD

i dont understand prety much about programing but i think the game need to much time for the graphics so the server throws out a no response

maybe fixable with a hiher tollerance limit.

Processor Intel Core i7-6700K.
2TB, or atleast that’s what my computer > storage : says.

BUT! My fan is broken, so that may be slowing things down. I have a larger fan blowing on it until my new one gets shipped out

Can you try the new Networking beta that we released, details are at the bottom of the release announcement and let us know how it works for you?

I didn’t have any rubber banding in about 10 minutes of play on EU Central, I haven’t had time to test my connection on US or other regions.

the connection is good now, this was from nearly a month ago.