Interactive Props: What would you like to see

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Probably an aged old question but what interactive props would you like to see in Boundless?
For me it would be something like a musical instrument such as a piano. All block types already have a different sound while walking on top them, so could be a possibility in the future.
:musical_keyboard: something just for fun.


How about we start with making what we have interactive? That’d be such a novelty, right? :thinking:


Like the decorative chairs and tables?


Yeah that you can actually sit at. As far as I am aware the chairs you can’t press the interactive key or button and actually sit in the chair. Also, the tables you can’t really do anything with, such as putting a piece of food on it.


would love to sit down in a chair too. Technically the table is serving its purpose as you can put food on the table.


I’ve never heard of tables being able to have food on them but then again I never bothered even looking at them much cause the chairs don’t work like chairs.


Well not really on the table but in a request basket on the table.
Anyway original question what interactive props would the Boundless community like to see?


Signs that when hanging down from a block and has 1 block of air on all other sides, it can sway a little bit from wind depending on how much wind there is. This is of course assuming wind is a thing in the game and not just part of some kind of animation.

The same could be said for flaps of leather covering up an entrance. Kind of like tribal way of having a door but you wouldn’t need to interact with it by pressing a button but rather something that if passing through it your character moves the leather or cloth to the side in order to get through.

Ropes and chains that you can climb up or down. Even something that could be used to lower storage containers worth of items down to a lower area or raise to a higher altitude. It could be a way for people to store extra tools when building and just swap them out for something else if they need a different chisel or other tool. Could also be used as an elevator type system too cause square chiseled stairs are slower to run up than a sloped or beveled one (wasn’t always the case).

That’s all I can think of right now.


I craft everything for the fun of it but i didnt bother with the chair or table since they felt useless. They didnt look luxurious enough (to fit in the setting) and they weren’t interactive anyway.


puzzle building items
story telling items
interactive maze items
and the basic find the red key open the red door things
stuff like that :smile:


red that chair is for that pet you been asking for but ssst


How about a bell that rings on the hour or something for our clock towers?


First choice would be a bed. IMO, house isn’t quite a home without a bed! I make them for my homes but would like a proper one I’m allowed to lay down on… I’d probably leave myself there when I went AFK sometimes. :wink:

Bookshelves - Been written about elsewhere, but would be nice if we could write and collect books, people could write tutorials and lore and all.


Kind of besides the point but a neat fact; amber and bitumin don’t make noise when walked on o.o
At least they don’t on ps4


Ill take your words Moebs. I expect pets now. Done. :joy::joy::joy:


Many a time i’d find myself thinking about how i’d write a book about how to open a new shop successfully (and use my own store as an example). That would be aaawesome and it could make for limited titles that can only be printed by the writer. Talk about libraries with books from old players. Woah.

Edit: A bed that grants a timed buff (based on bed type) would be nice too. Just like those guild buffs except it’s a weaker one.


I’d build a chair, then put a lock next to it so that only my friends can sit there :sunglasses:


The VIP throne.