Introducing Brown Town Small Mall

Sooo here it is… recently @Bethlehem and I have almost completed a massive renovation of Brown Town Finata. There’s too many people in this game, y’all :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone and their grandma wanted a portal, so we upgraded the hub. More and more people started showing up at BROWN Hunts, so the hunt lodge had to be enlarged…

…and people wanted somewhere close to it all to shop. So I built this!

Currently we have 13 shops, with room for more 2x1 and 1x1s, and by the time you read this I’ll be working on an expansion for more 3x3s.

We have a really nice selection of shops already - forged gear, seasonal stuff, forge ingredients (that might be my shop :stuck_out_tongue: ), goo of almost ALL colours (also mine haha), creature drops, building blocks…

If you’re a new player, we at Brown Town pride ourselves in our dedication to helping you guys on your feet - want a shop? I’ll sort you out! If you’re not a new player and also want a shop, seeketh the Spoodle!

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to show this place off - really proud of it :smiley:

Here’s a few of the shops that are already complete:

Come and have a look! BROWN TOWN FINATA - Get here from TNT, Guardian, EZPZ, GTG… … …

EDIT:: Sorry about the photo quality - guess you’ll HAVE to come see the place now :smiley:


I looked around all of it yesterday my friend and and I gotta say it looks amazing. You and @Bethlehem did a fantastic job!!


Beautiful pics esp the pink hall and the blue slings place! Great effort

What do you mean I can’t drink special gum? I thought I was special?


@RedY3 you don’t need no special drink for us to know how special you are <3

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In case someone didn’t see all the pics, my comment was about “these are for the forge not your mouth” :joy::joy::joy:.

I swear… I am done with your signs man :joy:. I’ve seen a lot:

“You traitor”
“You gleam thief”
“You piggy”



Hahaha! Glad they’re noticed haha! Piggy is Beth’s term for her hunters :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did someone say Piggies? SKY PIGGIES!

Biggest collection of bats in-game :wink: also every colour.


I see a dead person…


I hope you have a comfortable couch

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Ooh good idea - I do need an AFK area :smiley:

I did a die…

Rip spoodle he was a good man. He commented on the wrong people though.

Ahhh so BrownTown is the hot spot on finata now since ultima moved. Fascinating.


It’s definitely the place to be :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’ve only been playing since March, and never got to see Ultima in its prime… which makes me sad :frowning: Place was dead when I got here :’(

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We are hot and a spot. We get a load of people at hunt time.


Had to rainbow the floor - I mean, it’s Brown Town after all :smiley:

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I’m a :pig: that eats lots of :cookie: s


Nom nom :notes::notes:

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Is there any wizardry to hide the light sources?



Yeah, there’s a whole technique - but put simply, bevel the top and bottom of the block, place the gleam underneath :slight_smile: