Invest in some better servere management

Hi, today has been imposible for me play your game, because with a bandwich of an Internet connection 300 MB the game kick me out with the message of impossible play with this connection.

I thnk that is basic over new game mechanics that this came solved or a lot of new players and no so new will left the game.

And all we know that a game without players…is …what? bad bussiness for all , devs included.

And i can tell you that boundleees is the only game and programm that give problems to run with because of bandwich.

I like the game very much…but if it is unplayable…and players cant do anything about that…i suspect they will left the game.

Guils, farms…and all stuff will not run without properly servers.

And today is not the only day i have been having problems…and so told me many players of diferent countries.

Please. Solve that.

thank you very much for reading the post, the game, and the effort i know o are gonna do to solve this server problems.

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What world are ya trying specifically to play in? I have problems connecting to EU worlds as an Aussie but otherwise the game runs fine

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The issue isn’t necessarily with servers, but the routing your isp/connection takes to get to the servers.

Are you playing on servers that are geographically close to where you are in the world? (EU servers for European players etc.)

to answer both of you;

Playing in european server in european country.
Especifically problems in finata, and portals in general.

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Maybe try and check what the quality of your connection is like, any packet loss can have a big impact, it’s not just about download speed, I found that out not long after I first got the game.

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Playing over wi-fi can also have a negative effect on your connection too - cabled is better if you are able to.

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yes i am playing from cable not from wifi.

data from internet coneecion just now;

315.84 22.11 Telecable 6

lowered speed 315.84
rise speed 22.11
latenci 6

if that’s your IP you want to delete it.

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no jj all data come together…are tue measurement of internet outted all together,

If thats your ip address delete it fast. Never give that out man.

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dont panic. it not the ip.

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I feel dum XD


so if is not the game server…where is the problem?

finata is . do a tracert there and see where the latency/loss is introduced.

They use amazon services. I wonder if amazon is having some issues… It was a bit laggy for me on USW last night when it usually isn’t. I dunno, tuesday it was fine.

Anywhere between you and the server, since speed tests don’t test the boundless server but the connection between the speed test server and the boundless server.

In other words it might not be your fault but it might also not be the boundless server fault.

If it would be the server more players should experience the issue at the same time (has happened from time to time).

die trying to coneect.

for that the server go very well…not problems at all for give your penalty for dying.

Does lowering the chunk download rate in your game settings help? I live in US West region but spend most of my time on EU region planets and have my chunk download rate set lower. My theory is that long-lived requests to download far off chunk data causes other more immediate requests to fight over limited resources. But I have no idea how the game’s network layer works so this could all be nonsense.

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i will try,ty

no way. i give up.