Is anyone willing to share their gleamball on serp with me?

Looking for someone who has a gleamball and is willing to share.

We could each plot half and each have baskets out. I’d be linking it with a portal to DK Mall, so you’d get a free portal and probably more traffic. I don’t care about the design, you can pick that (or if you already have one).

Everyone wins!

Are all the gleam b a l l s :joy: really plotted

Pretty close go look haha

But if I go look and find one…ITS MINE!!!

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I’ve got a couple of them for a couple different guilds, I’ll hit you up later dk


Hit up Xyberviri.
He has one and he’d probably be willing to share.

you already know to always hit up us HSE guys for that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

“has gleamball and is willing to share” – is this like a regen bomb gleam farm the public can use?

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man I’ve had one plotted since the game launched lol

You can plot up against mine and Losi plots. This was the original Fireborn gleam network if you remember.
From there I have a portal to a massive 3 tree trunk farm

If I plot one, it’s there for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah to set up a public farm. I’ve gotten like 10 offers though so I am all set :blush: u guys are the best :heart:

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Are you setting up a public farm by chance?