Is boundless sustainable long-term?


I do farm but I don’t think it’s a beginner thing that’s all I am saying


Minus it’s not EA


I’m really not understanding how farming is “not a beginner thing”.

Farming has been made extremely accessible to any/every player… you can plant all organic seeds in any soil type (or any foliage type in the case of starberries), without water nearby or any of the optimising blocks and still have a chance to get something out of it (beyond the initial crop & seed drop from the wild plant).

It’s the optimising part that takes a little more effort and time… but that’s essentially part of farmings progression loop.


Its actually not even that hard to optimize starberries anyway. Just foliage and air and you have a sustainable crop. You do not need anything else to do it. That would give a new player a source of food without having to gather.


Nope…disagree…Yea if you want yams…But deco gravel…black glass . compact anything. Water even…U need special shovel which cost or forging…so no I disagree…No one wants yams…Yes I farm and I enjoy…But it’s not a beginner thing. It’s not let’s play a free weekend thing I guess I really meant…I do have massive farms I do know what I needed to max them out and it took longer than a free weekend to workout.


I guess I meant to say as a new player I cannot see the attraction to it…I paid full price for my game and love it…been playing solid for over a year…I enjoy farming and see it’s attractiveness so I am not bagging the game like you guys might be thinking. I just don’t see weekend warriors coming and staying because of farming…


I actually think the game is cheap…


Wasn’t the plan though if the offer was right I might do it.


Deco gravel, used for late game inorganic farming that is only obtained by more advanced players or sold at market, is not an example of a beginner crop and not geared toward beginning players.

You dont need a forged tool to gather water if you place your farm at or below the water table, and anyone can build in a river or lake. This is beginner accessible.

Compact metals is beginner accessible, as even beginning players will be crafting compact metal to progress their crafting machines. You wont be doing this from level one, it requires a few levels of progress.

Farming has a progression system. To quote the late stages of that loop and say the entire system is simply not accessible to beginners is willfully ignoring vast majority of it that is. What is the point of a progression system that is completed by beginning players in the span of a free play weekend?


Agreed. You start out a simple farm. Not hard todo at all. The star berries alone are very useful for making syrup.

As far as it not bringing back people I will have to disagree with the ones saying this as it is what brought me back playing. I was only logging in to keep my beacon going. I had stopped playing over forge changes. I am still struggling with that but the fact is the farming update did cause me to come back. I am super excited for what is on test at the moment.


Low level players won’t have big farms and won’t need a forged tool to harvest.

The crops needing deco gravel aren’t obtainable for low level players.
The crops needing dark glass for optimisation grew without it too.

Next thing you’re telling me building is not for beginners since deco marble is not that easy to make…


If you expect every aspect of farming, or every aspect of anything to be able to be accessed by a beginner, that is not how most games I play work, and is unrealistic to expect the new players to be able to access the crops that require refined gravel.

The only thing here that I somewhat agree with, is maybe it should be easier for a new player to be able to pick up and place water, Not lava, just water.


I think building is the games attraction…it is it’s core.but I am a old minecraft person and farming was kinda fun on minecraft…and the reason minecraft is still so popular is it’s ease to get involved…now if minecraft got into the online side of things… But I enjoy boundless more because of being more online based and let’s face it who doesn’t get excited buy the sound of a meteor crashing…my son is 21 and he loves mine craft…I bought him boundless…he played and said it’s boring . So I hopped online with him and took him hunting on gyosha that’s when he started enjoying the game…I guess I need to be more open to what everyone is attracted too…:sunglasses::grin::v:


I agree with u…Just don’t see a beginner even thinking of building rivers or thinking of putting under it…But hey I am not a beginner so I absolutely understand everyone awesome thoughts it’s kinda a great topic. Everyone gets involved and let’s be honest the only opinion that matters are the new players. I will be playing this game for alot longer and would happy to support what ever the game brings.its a fun game


Getting back to whether or not the game is sustainable, that will all depends - what is their source of income?

If the publisher has set aside hundreds of thousands of dollars for Boundless, which I think they have, the game is fine for now. If the game’s current source of income is game engine sales and licensire, the game may be fine indefinitely until it is no longer useful as a marketing tool.

If the expectation is for Boundless in and of itself to be a self-sustaining, profitable business sooner rather than later… well, let’s just hope that’s not the case. Gleam club, cosmetic sales, microtransactions and game sales alone would struggle to pay the bills in 4th quarter 2019. The player counts just aren’t there. And as was stated earlier, a dev’s salary is not cheap.

I’m still hopeful for this game - I wish there was some way to see Boundless 2023. Secretly, I want decent Boundless clones to start popping up to make the Boundless genre gain popularity. It really is its own thing.


You do realise that stating “for every 1 person, 10 people leave bad reviews” is spewing false information. As mentioned already, the reviews on Steam are mostly positive which that alone goes completely against what you are saying.

Being blunt, I get that you don’t like the progression of the game and where it’s going, but creating nonsense based on “what you think” rather than “what’s actually happening” makes you part of the problem (if there even is a problem) rather than part of the solution.

Question for you: what would make a “bad update” in your eyes? Everything goes on testing first and, if something is undesirable, the devs hear about it before it even goes live in the actual game. The devs have even made changes in the testing based on backlash so they clearly do listen. So what scenario in your mind would actually cause a bad update?


That is also highly speculative but maybe you have the numbers available on how much Boundless’s profits where since its inception vs the running costs since then. All conjecture and opinion based.


As someone who has reduced his time to dabbling, until crafting times are dramatically reduced, mat requirements are dramatically reduced and the RNG is ripped from forge, no, it’s not.


It snared me in when I dropped by


well this post seems to have blown up… didn’t expect people to be so opinionated .
Lots of speculation though and very different opinions from everyone.

It’ll be nice to see where we are a year from now…