Is boundless sustainable long-term?


I totally agree with the above post, nothings forever, let’s enjoy it.
I’m not a dev and I don’t know how it would or if it could work, but if the game is suffering down the track and nearing its end, I would love to see a standalone version put out.
This may need to be one planet or so, but a version kinda like mc where we could still at least have some kinda offline access to the game if the servers are ever shut down. I mostly play on the console version so I’m not sure what pc options there are already.


I would just say if you are one of the ones worried about the game being around for years to come than just purchase gleam club and enjoy playing while the game is still here.


If this thread sparks one good financial idea, it was worth it. Anybody who has ever had a management position knows you don’t improve things by not talking about them.


:100: puuuurcent :cat2: agree.


I think it should be a ps plus game soon. It’ll give more ps4 players longer and more time to figure things out than just a weekend. I know my ps plus free games are backlogged :slight_smile: can atleast save it and play it later. The pc free weekend brought people in but that died out just as quick as they came in


Oi now, I stayed!
I know… I’m probably an outlier. I think in a weekend, all people really get an opportunity to do is poke the game enough to go “huh, it’s Minecraft with more colours.”


If the things you talk about are based on assumptions and not on hard facts it will produce the opposite effect.
You can crash a companies stock in the market by publishing convincing assumptions, this holds true in the game industry too.


I’d say that it could be long-term sustainable, but as it currently stands and if it follows it’s current design ethos, I don’t think that it will be. It was ‘supposed’ to be a slow-burn from launch, really getting into it’s stride towards the end of 2018 and through 2019 (That’s what they said at the time). I don’t really see that as it’s current state.

It does a good job of what it does and has carved out a relatively unique niche, but I just don’t believe there are enough people who actually want what it does well for it to be commercially viable for any real length of time.

I’d say they either need to find a way for the current game to appeal to a wider audience (which is more than just advertising it to more people), or to get Private worlds out and be able to generate enough additional revenue off the back of that to keep it ticking over.


I d say, it is sustainable for a vast period of time. All you d have to have is a standalone version and rentals. Which is not a giant investment to undertake imo. The current servers are all Boundless owned, take that owenrship and maintenance out of the equation you have no more investment to put into after developing has concluded.


Player counts in the low hundreds aren’t an assumption though, they’re based on player count services. Player counts in the low hundreds are also not sustainable long-term for a 20 man dev team.

I can see private servers leading to a lot more popularity and profit though, but that is speculation.


I’m not going to lie…I hate threads like this.


But that is speculation again, what if it is not intended to keep a 20 dev team once a certain development points has been reached.
What if you have x investment capital laid aside to reach said point.
What if the plan is all along to keep the player counts low in this open beta state we have?
What about units sold on all platforms, what about money earned on all platforms, what about money gained during early state.
All speculation!

Its pretty difficult to make any quality statement about a game without being part of the company and it surely is not doable by interpreting a single stat drawn from an open online source.


Thank you me 2, and with that im out of this thread for good o/


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Prob time to close this thread. There’s nothing constructive here…it’s all pure speculation and mud-flinging.


seeing this thread again deserves a necro thread rising…


I am not speaking on Wonderstruck’s behalf, but IF and when WS sees fit to produce concrete numbers on the games performance, it will come from official WS sources, not a community thread.

Boundless officially released its 1.0 version 1 year ago today, so that makes today reason to celebrate! Keep enjoying boundless and introduce it to all of your friends, I expect to be celebrating boundless’s 10th year release in due time.