Is footfall fixed or is there a different glitch?

I’m not complaining, just curious, trying to understand what is going on. I check at least once a day, generally twice to see if I sell anything and get what little footfall I get. Generally not more than 100c, usually less.
Yesterday I was playing my alt and was working on his base. Didn’t stop in that morning, not until later in the evening, so a whole day of not visiting it. Go in and go something is wrong, what’s missing? Look and all of my ingredients had been sold, some of the food had been sold. Looked at footfall and it was over 2k. Shock, good shock.

Go to my base and get items to restock, go back and restock, adding new and reducing prices of what hasn’t been selling (I’m sick, so slow, took me a couple hours real life time). Look at the beacon and I have almost another 2k in footfall. It was full of people both times, so I going it could have been that there was just enough traffic to give me more footfall, still . . .
Is there another problem in that footfall is now giving too much? Or that players have found my shop and like what I have to sell? I hope it’s not a fluke.

Where’s your store located? I noticed a slight increase in footfall at my store in the gyosha mall but I saw a lot of people on yesterday in the mall too so it could have just been that(for me).

It is lot 95 called The Making of Greatness. I was going that for some getting the ingredients could be a factor in not making their own food. Collecting grass seed and fibrous leaves for sackcloth can be a pain at times, I have smart stacks galore of yams. Some foods that I seel at fair prices; I went to shops in the mall to see what they sold for, visited other planets to see what the items sold for.
I have rice, oats, flour, baking soda, sugar, butter, purified butter and some already prepared food.
I will randomly put in such items as energizing, invigorating, shielding, teaching foods and other as I get or can buy the products to make them.