Is it bad to play this game for economics

I am a very bad builder I will just say that and I have been playing this game for a very long time
And I enjoy grinding crafting hunting etc. But I cannot build. What are your opinions on this?


There is no “wrong” way to play, in my opinion. But I would ask, why do you say you’re a bad builder? I also thought I was a bad builder – until I started letting myself “be bad” and learn from my mistakes. I wouldn’t say I’m an Instagram-worthy builder now, but I enjoy it so much. If you just don’t enjoy it, that’s one thing, but don’t let your idea of “good” stop you from trying new things. :smile:


There are many ways to play. That is the beauty of Boundless.
As long as it is fun for you all is good. Playing economics is even helpful for others :slight_smile:
When you really dont want to build you will have a lot of coin one day and maybe you just hire a builder. Also a valid way to play.

Only exception are griefers. Everyone that feels addressed now please go elsewhere.


Exactly this. I enjoy playing the market and buying and selling things it is part of what makes Boundless…well boundless doing what you enjoy.

Enjoy what you do, and you’ll be happier.


Well if you dont bother doing a base (house)
Iabd dont mind how it looks i would say just dont build it… You can lay your machines etc anywhere
. Just pick open area and thats that.

If you really want a base i recommend you to go and discover Maybe some spot that alrdy has natural “roof” like example under some cliffs, caves and such.

Also you can ask people To build it For you if you got friends Or even ask someone here To do it.


Well said everyone.

Within the content we are given, whether you are a casual player, or hard core, you will find what you like and don’t. But in order to figure that out … I highly suggest trying parts that don’t really appeal to you at the onset.

I have several thousand hours in the game and i’ve only recently been doing some game activities that I shied away from before.

Namely hunting, farming and exos.

Several very generous players, and a few specific ones have encouraged me to try these things out. And took the time to explain things I just didn’t get.

Some days I do my own thing. Others I scour shops to buy from other players.

So for me, the game is ever changing. Even after owning the game for several years. :slight_smile:


Nothing at all wrong with that. You play boundless the way you want too. Hence the name. There’s a need for gatherers and crafter. Just like there’s a need for builders. As long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters. :v::beers:
Btw I buy iron :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not going to call myself a “very bad” builder but, yeah…

It’s not my favorite part of the game. Designing functional spaces is OK but I’m no artist like some of the amazing builders here.

The game offers a lot of options. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the ones that are most appealing to you.


Wow thank you all! This helps a lot I will follow all this amazing advice I hope to see you all in game and you may even see my message for hiring thanks to @Buugi for the idea!


If im honest you do you :wink: i don like to hunt or spend hours getting mats.
I build and buy almost everything :rofl::joy::rofl: unless i have no choice.

Also if im honest in my opinion every one can build there is no good or bad in building. That said I consider myself a pretty good builder but that doesn’t mean I don’t get jealous or feelsort of “defeated” when i see other amazing builds. Basically wishing i had their insight of building.

As a builder i can honestly say a mud hut is a good build to. Is it pretty depends on you… if it functions it’s all good.
I have seen many mud huts and with a little time they changed as the occupant expanded, added and tried out new stuff.

Even i started out with a mud hut… it was in my MC days way before boundless but i learned to build and add. Eventually to the point that i am now. Im still learning new stuff from other builders.

Soooo bad builders don’t exist. That is my opinion anyway :wink:.

If you like something i build your more then welcome to copy it an maybe even get your own ideas in the process. (Terra Nova TNT/Ultima Lamblis [1week left] tana dk mall CP guild) might give you some ideas.
That said building for function is also amazing :wink:.

In the end it doesn’t matter how you play boundless :wink: and if you really want an amazing base you can always look around for a builder and pay them to build it.


Personally I love it when people focus on the economy and run a shop. It’s what makes the game feel alive for me, seeing all the activity of people buying and selling things. I don’t think you miss out on much by not building, there is a lot more to do in the game than just that. Also, if you’re having fun and not hurting anyone you should keep doing what you’re doing.


I think stores is the life blood of the game gives players reason to go to certain planets get certain colors that are rare and they know will sell well .This gives the game so many ways to play since thinking of what to sell and what to keep is a thing for a lot of players and with guilds there are so many more ways to do things and make it not time consuming with every one helping one another out if colors and items they need /want.


As several have stated it is in the name Boundless play it as you like to play. There is no one way that it has to be played.


As the others have mentioned, visit other builds and get some inspiration. Also maybe do like I did and just allow yourself to try and build. You will eventually improve and find your own style. At least what I am doing now. I also very much enjoy the economic part of the game at the same time so no, nothing wrong with that :star_struck:


Ya I’m like you, my places always very basic on the surface, then what turns out to be a massive subterranean complex below. Still basic but huge. To store all the ■■■■ I gather.


i loved subsisting mostly on spicy beans then picking up hunting (finally!) until my keyboard fell apart and i got trigger finger… 10/10 would wreck a deck again :smiley: