Is it just me or can u not talk to friends over differnt planets?

Just as title says wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I try PM but doesnt work

You are correct. Need to be on same planet.
I believe the design of it is to encourage working together.

Aw okay ty I was just wondering. We can delete this post now if u want tyvm

Wait really? That smells more like a bug

you could check the friendlist in sanctum see where they are use a hubnetwork and pm them from the hubnetwork on the same planet they are thats how i do it

I think what were trying to avoid is this… “lemme stop my mining session for a few mins to warp to a hub then check my friendslist see where said person is go threw portals to send a message or two. Then run all the way back to said planet you were mining on. And hope you can find where you left off.” Id rather just be able to stop a few seconds and shoot a msg off.

And those of you in beta if you remeber there was a skill to learn for speaking at farther distances. But this was scrapped and now its like this.