Is it possible to improve that texture?

What’s wrong with it? The rotation?

It’s an alien tree. It needs to look different. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the rotation looks “bad”. I hoped that it gets the left and right side texture like the stoneblocks work.

It is a tree trunk, what did you expect them to look like on the bottom/top?

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Not sure I understand what you don’t like about it?

Also, as @thelisto mentioned, this is the first type of tree. We’ll be adding more.

am I the only one that likes the twisted wood?


If you place for example: stone - dirt - broken stone
The dirt texture is walking to the stone, the broken texture is walking to the dirt. This makes the feeling impressive and very very cool.
Here you can see that.

A bit better explained:

On the image

The texture is not “walking” - I don’t have a better expression for that. But I really love that feature of the image above with walking textures to the block near. This makes the look so amazing.

I hope its more clear now.

clear as mud
really THICK mud

I guess you talking about the texture “blending”. At the moment the twisted tree texture doesn’t blend with itself and there is no plan to change that at the moment. We are working on other textures variation though that they might have the result that you are looking for. :smile:

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yes :slight_smile: thanks

I don’t ask for much but could it be possible to make more textures for stone? Now it is only really smooth and broken and the smooth is too smooth…

on a funny note when you put sand next to wood it paints over it like someone who doesn’t taped the sides when he starts painting the wall. :dizzy_face:

The plan is that we will have textures of the same type to self blend. This will also remove the harsh seams where the edges meet. It is in our backlog of tasks.

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I like the special effect it gives :sunglasses: