🦊 is looking for some ice

Hi, Foxxy is looking for some ice :fox_face::heart_eyes::fox_face:
Tan (desperately desired) :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Luminous Tan
Bright Tan
I’ll buy any that you’ve got
I know I can sit and play with the gleam pops
But they make me lag so incredibly bad :crazy_face::neutral_face::expressionless::rage:
Makes me sad :cry:
So yeah! Easy cash if u go look through the ice chest u probably got and sell it to the Foxxy!!!
:heart: Y’all :fox_face:


Desperately desired lol

Lol cuz I ran out and realize I needed like 700 more XDXD

I might have some of the ice you want give me a few mins and I’ll get on look and let you know. :hugs::hugs:

That would be amazing :smiley::heart::heart::heart:

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Ok I have
444 bright tan
572 tan
9 luminous tan
771 luminous tan glacier
Let me what you need and how much. :hugs::hugs:

I’ll take whatever u can part with :slight_smile:

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Except the glacier that’s doesn’t have the right glint I’m looking for

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Np I can part with all of them (not a big fan of the color myself). :hugs::hugs:

How much would you want for them :slight_smile: I’m near my mega shop currently but I can warp anywhere :slight_smile: :hugs:

You can just have them I’m in tnt hub right now if you want to meet. :hugs::hugs:

Yeah just give me a second

Np it’s all good :hugs::hugs:

Foxyyyyyyy :heart::heart:

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Keep in mind, you can chisel change Glacier to ice, if Glacier isn’t the right, just smack it to ice.
Hope that helps. Happy searching.


Hi dk!!! This is my first official forum post :heart:! :fox_face: Is big time now XD


I actually didn’t know that thank you :slight_smile:

I have a planet that currently has Pale Tan #104 ice. If you want the info let me know.

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I don’t do anything with my ice colors and I have a level 6 planet that is loaded with ice. Let me know if you would like a color change.

I got a t4 and a t5 i not use much that i can colorchange, if You like to swing Your hammer.