Is motion capture the future of mmos

Just a small article i found interesting.

on further notice, this seems insanely expensive, but its still worth the watch xD

Not for an mmo, I do t think. Switching between keyboard and mocap would become too tedious. However for passive things, maybe.

dude… read the article before posting XD

Oh, I’ve been up for almost 24 hours on 2 he’s of sleep.

No, I don’t think mocap for Oort is necessary, however the cost isn’t always too bad based on what method you choose. Mocap could be as inexpensive as 2-3 hundred in some cases. Even I have a mocap setup.

It really depends what animation style you’re after. I’ve never played a Super Mario game or watched a Disney / Pixar / Ghibli film and thought I wish this had mo-cap. In some games it make much more sense (EA Sports) where they’re targeting realism.

[Thanks for sharing.]