Is there a 6-12 month roadmap?

Hello @james @SamF and devs. Is there a roadmap for the next 6-12 months? I’m just returning to the game after a 10 month absence to see what’s new. I know you guys did one earlier in the year outlining farming and guilds. Would like to know what you have planned for the next year.



Yes be nice and interested in seeing one! If anything ill be happy to make one up. I do know more storage box options will be coming and i believe glass as not mesh is in the works. I believe the devs working on mesh limit solutions. So titans, exo 8, private planets has always been on the docket. Ive been happy with updates mostly so far this year. Except the gathering xp nurf.


Would like to know as well

there is - it will be known in 6-12 months though :wink:


We will get a new Testing release within the hour, well at least that is what has happened lately, late on a Friday evening and since it wasn’t last week today makes sense unless it’s not quite ready even for testing yet.

Tho a nce road map would be awesome!


There is a roadmap! But you and I can’t see it. Neener neener :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You ask and here it is.

the road map

Hope this helps :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Is that a picture of Biitula??? I heard they got a road issue! :joy:


Don’t actually know to far away from my home planet to see in the night sky. But i heard the same ^^ :rofl::joy::rofl:

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road commission in that town needs to be drawn up and quartered, then years later dug up and kicked in the groin just to make a statement.

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Playing Boundless is like Biitula roads - it’s easy to get lost. :innocent:

There are signs on the Biitula roads… :wink: Just have to read them! :wink:

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I would like to see more combat oriented content released soonish

OMG, I just had a frightening thought!

We all hope some day interactive blocks are being added and somehow I imagined you making signs on those roads in such a tiny font that you have to get really, really close and once you can read it it says:
If you can read this you’re too close, muahahahaha

And then the hidden trapdoor under your feet opens and throws you into a lava pit!


Lmao i wouldn’t even be mad at that hahaha

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Not to be an ass, but this thread is getting derailed and getting offtopic. Please keep to on topic discussion.

I rather say it now than use flag feature. Thanks


I wouldnt mind having this as a carpet in my room haha.

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Lol, nice to see you care at least