Is there no 1 year anniversary event planned?


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WTH? 20?



Edit: worked ok.



Can’t it be a surprise? Or do people not like surprises?


I just want to make sure my dearest @james doesn’t forget our anniversary. I would be so hurt.


A dance emote please! So at least we can celebrate :grin:


Yes, surprises are good!

But…its also good to know a surprise is coming!


Lol did the game and I get married. Did I miss something…Lol. Sorry just joking around


…I mean I thought we had something special sniff


Well, I’m taking the game out for dinner on Wednesday. I don’t know what you’re all doing.


I have tons of roses and heart balloons saved from the valentines event :wink:

Then we’re gonna smoke some wax and drink some super strength brews and then… you know (assuming she consents of course)


Am planning to take it to Houchus, the killer cuttletrunks are in bloom, we can watch them kill a bunch of unsuspecting miners and chill out in the constant snow. Got some pies and brews prepared for a picnic ofc.


Maybe I’ll give it some jewelry… I have an idea for a build using decorative gems. But I don’t think I’d have enough ready by then… but I can stick a few out anyways. :crazy_face:

Obviously spend quality time with it, maybe even cook up some food - and not cheat on it with any other games that day. :wink: Those other games are just flings anyways… Boundless is my true love, hehe.


I hope you can count


Let’s build a monument I belief there’s a nice spot for it in sunken town :wink:


We could do a boundless community build. Like a massive mansion, 1 plot each, each room linked until we have a mega mansion. Could do it on a T1 planet so everyone can participate?
All it would take is a beacon, basic fuel and few blocks and everyone decorate their room as they see fit. Could turn out into something special… or “special” :sweat_smile:


Or a mega bungalow seen as we cant stack beacons atop one an other.
A spectacular bungalow none the less :laughing:

I’d be up for this idea haha!


And we shall name it… Bungaloort


:rofl: :rofl: love it

Someone make a foyer plot and post location, this needs to happen!


I can start it when back home so in about 4.5 hours. Unless someone else wants to start it and I sure as hell will plot and build


Been keeping an eye on the forum for daaaays expecting an announcement of some sort (since usually we get notified a few weeks before the event). There better be a surprise or amma down some rage brew and go storm the sanctum with some AOE totem haha xD

Edit: So the devs know i am serious xD.