Is there some population on the game?

i just found out about this game a few days ago but alot of videos i have watched on youtube alot are saying" there is no one playing" i understand this is REALLY early access. Any info on this from people that have been in and playing this game?

i think somebody found the steamcharts saying that the peak of people playing was 13, the peak of a month, in general there is not too much to do in the game so you only have a certain amount of dedicated builders who play frequently, it is possible to gather some people up if you ask nicely for help with a town or something, but given the low amount of people and huge amount of landmass it is very unlikely you will just stumble onto somebody :smile:

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oh damn :frowning: the game looks so fun. what is in the game so far? just builders creating in game stuff?

Yeah, basically you can build and explore atm. the game have around 603 billion square meters of land atm spread over several different unique worlds that are all connected to one big universe.

there are also a bow and 2 creature types, one docile and one dangerous. so if you are bored you could hunt those, but atm it is only something you should buy if you want to support the game or if you really like building, that and the fact that the game is just beautiful, which can be seen here
you can add me on steam under the same name, if you look at the steam hub for the game i should be more than easy to find, and i can answer any questions you might have, just a bit hard to sum up everything in one post of text :smile:

yes i like building and thte game looks like its going to be amazing only question i have atm is " is it like Minecraft" farm for mats craft tools and keep going up and up in better materials and tools? or is it going to be like a "MMORPG aspect aswell within the crafting/building world

Well this is going to be the general loop

so it will hopefully have a sort of MMORPG elements, cause it is but it seems like they focus alot more on the sandbox minecraft-ey feel of the game which makes me sad

atm you only have a few basic tools, so you have a basic shovel, pickaxe and axe, and then you have a stone pickaxe which mines 3 times faster than a normal pickaxe, and then you have a grappling hook to swing around and explore with (which is quite hillarious, but if you dont care you will die xD)

For now you need to go get the materials, different worlds have different colors of the materials, but you can switch worlds whenever you want using ‘‘P’’ ingame, when you have a material you can press ‘‘I’’ and you will have an infinite amount of the block type, so all you need to do is gather a bit of a stash, just have 1 of each block, if you die you can just take a block, press i and then replace it, so for now the game is as build focused as it is ever going to be i think, in the sense that now is the easiest time to build since you dont have to farm blocks for big builds.

Ohh very interesting so there is teirs of worlds and teirs of weaps and gear and u keep going up. that could be fun.

Yeah there are tiers of worlds, or atleast that is the idea atm. but we have no idea how progression will work yet. maybe it will be item based, maybe it will be character strength based (kinda like levels) we dont know, we do know that there will be some progression though.

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The dev post about portals kinda talk about this.

The game itself might not have loads of players going at once, but I’ve found these forums to be quite active and you can bet the number of players will soar once there’s more implemented.

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and remember that during this period a lot of people are in vacations in this moment :stuck_out_tongue:

or in my case: I’m traveling for work and instead of in my home sweet home in Rome I’m actually in Qatar for the next 3 months :stuck_out_tongue:

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