Is this a T6/T7/T8 hammer?

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I’m really new to this game and don’t know if this is a T6 or T7/T8 hammer (the second hammer I forged). If it is, at what price should I sell it?

Thanks for any helps!


Sadly the random boon makes it usless to most people as it’s a mess to mine with


That random aoe should be a quirk. it has no place being a boon. It’s just garbage to even fiddle with sadly, like you said.

Really nicer hammer if itn weren’t for that particular mod. Nice job for a 2nd time forge.


True, I originally thought adjunct effect lv5 should be better than lv4 lol that’s why I thought it was a good hammer.


Yes, in theory it should have been. This is one of the few where you don’t ever want to go past 4. Devs need to retool those levels on that mod. Do the same thing you did before except stop at lvl 4 and you’ll have a very nice one to sale :slight_smile: