iS TODAY A FULL MOON? Let us all try to Work together and Get Along better as a community!


Lot of crabby stuff going on today! Let us all remember we are all ONE Boundless Family and try to get along!!!

Work out your issues with your neighbors peacefully… and remember your position is not necessarily THE only or best one… Trust me even I have to sit back and realize this at many times!

Compromise! Diplomacy is much better than open conflict…

If all else fails… You are welcome to move to Axon! :wink:

Seriously… Let’s all try to work together to make the game better and to give less headaches to Dev James etc by Getting Along!!!


#ShamelessPlug :smiley:


The full moon is on Thursday


I am actually somewhat disturbed by how many people posted “grabbing popcorn” to watch. The original poster was obviously very upset and felt they had been treated unfairly. Whether we agree with them or not, laughing and grabbing popcorn probably made it worse.


Wish I could give this a hundred likes. :slight_smile: Seriously folks - we are a great community, truly some of the finest people I’ve ever met online here. We are passionate about the game so things do get heated I know… but remember that there is a real person on the other side of the screen that you are addressing. Particularly in the case of the devs, remember that game development is a serious burnout job (from everything I’ve read) and a LOT of sacrifice goes into bringing us the games we love. We’ve got new people coming in, let’s do our best to keep things welcoming.

If you really have to tear someone’s head off, well, I give you permission to PM me and call me every name in the book if it will make you feel better… I don’t mind! :rofl:



We all come from different backgrounds so we will all respond differently. If you ever see me make a pissed off post feel free to drop any funny gifs/memes in my thread. It’s only a game after all


Until people realize the community that remains here is of the most loyal supporters of the game, I don’t see the game improving enough to grow the community. People need to start thinking not in terms of what they want, but in terms of why other people left, and what could be done to keep them playing.


yeah made me a bit sad liszy did so much amazing stuff in the past and presence for boundless and the german community she def does not deserve to be put in this “position”
she has just so much passion for this game
then sometimes this stuff happens (guilty off this aswell in the past)
i bet if i showed all she did for others people you guys be amazed


Yeah, best thing to do is get as much info as possible and if need be step back a min. And if things get hot, sometimes theres a lot going on behind the scenes. Don’t judge too much, we all have misunderstandings right. Emotions don’t always help :crazy_face:


The barrier of language can create a lot of needless issues, sometimes. Things get twisted in translation.


I understand passion, and language barriers, but you also should not come at people like that.
Titling things as “thanks for the rip-off”, and saying crude things is not a very constructive way of presenting a problem.


Totally agree.






Here all, here are some nice tasty cocktails to relax and unwind with…


And we’ve got some great exos to destroy, that is great stress relief too! :wink: Take it out on those poor innocent exorocks, leave no resource behind!


I don’t drink, but yea let’s get some exo stuff :smiley:


I can whip up a good virgin mudslide - quite yummy and great to relax with as well! :smiley:


‘virgin mudslide’ sounds like a dodgy movie! :grin:


Oh, my mudslides are sinful, but not in that way… there has to be at least a thousand calories in them the way I like to throw them together. :wink: More like a milkshake!