Issue connecting to test servers

I am able to connect to the live universe, but after repeated attempts to reach the test servers, I continue to get the message that the servers are offline. I have restarted steam and my pc and so far nothing has worked.

Is it still happening?

I will not able to check until later today, but I will let you know if it is working or not.

As of now I still cannot get to the testing servers. I get to sanctum but then all it says is the game servers are offline. I have reinstalled boundless and rebooted my pc with no affect.

When I go to the second portal it gives me my location in test, but will not open a warp to it.

edit: If I need to totally remove boundless and reinstall are there files in places other than under steam/steamapps/common?

Edit: I got it to work by deleting and recreating my character.