Issue with portal from Lil Porkchop to River Towns (video included)

It seems as if I can’t get to River Towns from Lil Porkchop, but I am able to get to Lil Porkcop from River Towns.

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That is odd… I’ve never had any issues with the portals at my hub… Did you try saying open sesame? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Occasionally portals turn into one way only

If the devs figure out how it works they should fix it then make it an option for puzzle house / game makers to use creatively


My issues with portals once in a blue moon is I end up behind the portal for whatever reason lol


I hate it when this happens! Especially if you can’t get out :frowning:


But I love when I’m traveling with someone and they get stuck haha

I made 99% of my portals frame-less for this reason. That way you can just slide out the side if you get stuck.

I do think boundless should add a “help me I’m stuck” support option to directly bump warp you without having to go to sanctum, like in many MMOs


Do you have coordinates of this location? From the video, it’s displaying the Illegal Protocol Message on one of the portals.

getting them, now, please hold

Angel I
-489N 1,555E Alt 71

Portal Seekers Grovidas te and through my block museum… portal behind the portal seekers gleam portal


If there is an issue with the portal in my hub let me know and I will contact the owner to see what can be done.


Well he likes to keep River Towns to himself lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On the River Towns side (in Arie), the coordinates are

-1,049N -2,096E Altitude 76

Lies!!! Portal is for everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks. Went to take a look and also saw the Illegal Protocol Message, so I’ve added a bug to the database.

For the second set of coordinates, was the same message appearing there too?

I get no issue coming from Arie to Angel I.

Odd. I went through the portal last night and this morning without any issues

Great what did you do to my portal @ReebanRuben :stuck_out_tongue:
now I am getting the same issue lol

Are you also getting the Illegal Protocol Message now?

Yes, the Illegal Protocol Message is still appearing.