It has been years

I just wanted to say that is has literally been years since anything has inspired my creative side… Literally. I have been staring at a wall of sketches from the old days when I had some kind of… spark. Something that drove me into my notebook and flooded my papers with ideas, writings, sketches, drawings, whatever. Simply some kind of new, intriguing outside source that truly gave me a new angle on creative ideas.

Oort, I feel, has finally given me that spark again. I have been in and out of literally multiple notebooks, across multiple worlds I have created, through several lore and systems I have designed, and around multiple characters/races I have made for each of these… All ever since exploring the world, lore, and game of Oort Online. I even got back into speed painting and photoshop painting which has been a LONG TIME since my last visit.

I would like to thank the entire team designing Oort for their work and for generating a truly unique experience and read that I believe GREATLY contributed to my creative revival. I’ve truly not felt this creatively capable in over two long years.

Thank you.