It’s not just shop stands


Today I was reclaiming some beacons and I was moving items from the beacon to my inventory. R2 would not work to move things… instead, I had to pick the item up (in the beacon storage), then drop it right back… at that point I could use R2

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Ok so the shop stand bug isn’t just me.

This is happening to my on my ps4 as well

the reclaim + R2 issue is nothing related to the shop stand quick-move issue.

shop stand issue will be resolved today, the reclaim + r2 is resolved locally but needs more testing (also is a client change, whereas the shop-stand issue is server only so quicker to update)


Same issue with me.
Can’t fill my shop stands

I demand reparations! I accept black gleam and oort. And cubits. And coin.

Bonus points if you can name the tv show
Hopefully this isn’t deemed too political. It’s been 101 years now.

I could fill my shop stands.

But i had smart stack if gb totems (9)
When i shift+m1 it to shop stand it only moved 2 totems from the smartstack.
All totems were not used and there was no difference between them.
I had to manually put rest of them.