Item Durability Bonus

I’m considering going all the way into this tree, as at higher levels it seems indispensable. However, I’m curious… is the bonus applied at all items? (hand held tools/weapons, machines, etc)

A clarification in the skill’s description might be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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With all durability skills, tools last 2 times longer

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I would pick this up if somehow the crafter’s skill applied to the tool, regardless of the user… but alas, it does not.

Maybe that should be another skill?


Oh god I need this


But would they stack? the crafter skill and the personal (current) one?

if they did… that would be awesome 4x durability!

even if it did not i guess it would be cool in that only the crafter would have to take the skill freeing up points for others…

at any rate… it would be awesome if crafting skills were more about crafting perks (like bulk / mass crafting) and less about unlocking recipes =)

It is nice… however i found that, unless you never die, the 0% death penalty to be more helpful since the gem tools last long enough that i would invariably do something stupid at least twice during their life (making the other skill void since 2 deaths is 50% ><)

i have both the 0% death penalty and the 2x durability, but that takes a massive amount of skill points which forces a very specialized build (0 crafting skills)


Can’t this just be in the forge?


This would then be a forged ability.


Can’t wait!


I really hope this will be the case eventually. The only thing that stops this game from being soloable is the hard limit on what you can craft without investing sp on crafting tree. Other tasks can be done inefficiently if you’re not specialized to it but crafting skills just give you a complete stop. This forces you to visit a city very early on in the game if you are not specializing as crafter which just gives more problem to the player (i.e. hard to find city, hard to find item to buy, nothing for sale in city, etc.).

I’m suggesting we could craft most of the items right from the start even if it takes more resources (so you can’t profit from it) and probably longer time. Crafter skills would be for perks like +durability, bulk/mass crafting as mentioned, shorter crafting time, etc. I can let go of crafting gem tool/weapon as a crafter skill since they are supposedly one of the end game items and by this point, you will probably more comfortable going to major cities.

This will also make trading machines more sensible. I think I would even like it if it’s not repairable if you’re not a crafter so that machines will have a constant demand in the market.