Item pick up count (total in inventory)


Factorio does a nice thing when you pick up items - not only does it say how many items you added to your inventory, but also how many in total you now have in parentheses.

e.g. +1 Coal (37)

When you go out to mine a certain number of something, this would be useful info. I know it keeps a running total of the currently gathered item, but over a long time this will lose track.


And also when you put items into a stack on a shelf thats under 100 and it makes it over 100 it places the difference that was in the shelf into your inventory. If I explained it right lol its just really annoying especially on console


If it’s not going to hit over 900 you can just press r2 on it from you inventory and it will stack on the corresponding item in the shelf. Tho if it’s going to go over 900 it will stack on top of something similar as well ( waxy yam stacking on edible lamella etc) @LunchLadyArms


Yea thats the problem lol when you have things sorted and want them to go into the same exact color stack then you gotta do it manually


Again that’s only if the stack is going to go over 900. If it won’t than they do sort by color. As long as you have 1 block sorted manually at least in the shelf. Which isn’t that hard or tedious to do if your not moving thousands of blocks at a time