Items for sale


portal location ULTIMA GUILD (MALL)-Ultima Mall floor 3F portal called THE FUTURE

restocked ASH 2C
restocked wax 7C

due to the size of my build, I have been busy (still) so I’m slowly starting to get shops up
don’t forget to check the settlement members shops! :slight_smile:


changed topaz price




price updated, rather do hand trades


added 14,400 ASH at 2 coins each


If you still have some later tonight when i get off work i would love to buy some




Thanks I left you 4 saltpeter left


added ASH again it seems to go fast!


restocked Topaz 111C

restocked Titanium ore 80C


And this is also a way to use all that ash nearby :wink:


i know right :slight_smile:


Now start selling mud and clay soil and you’re the one stop shop for people making brick :slight_smile:


not a bad idea at all you know. lol i will consider


Looks like I’m going back… Back to “The Future”! :sunglasses:


back to the past to enter the future O_O?

edit: changed price of titanium to 55C

price for topaz changed to 90C


post updated


Very fancy but bare store.
Quite disappointed that there was no Topaz to be found anywhere.


yeah i’m very sorry for that, its work in progress and im kinda busy with everything, hopefully next week it wil be done as for topaz it will be added this weekend also the posts above are old prices have changed as wel


All good. After careful searching, my wife obtained the 80 topaz we needed for 99c each.