It's been too long. So here's a random post!

I have been watching you all… Mwuhuhuhuhu… No, but seriously, I come across the email about the community digest now and then and am amazed at what’s going on here! Sadly, my life has been one contract after another, along with volunteer work to build my portfolio, AND personal projects such as learning game design [Unreal 4 is so beautiful!], and lore development for stories I’ve created.

While I’m here, might as well share a few awesome snaps of the things I’ve been neck deep in the last several months. You know, since I am so rarely able to stop by and I feel super bad for never saying hi… Since this isn’t however, completely related to Boundless, I’ll leave this in off topic for your enjoyment!

Here are some project related snaps:

Those were cool! Now for some render and design practice!

I mentioned Game Design earlier. I am indeed learning! [The following were before I began modeling custom architecture]


Some of those pics look really unrelated^^ Curious what you’re working on^^

Give us a more info! :smiley:

Unrelated is one way to put it. I’ve been working on three completely separate lore designs [Aside from some other Misc. ones I dabble in from time to time]. Each one has a unique magic or technology system.

The first, second, fourth, and fifth images are related [Though the bug man may be a reject and be implemented into something else down the road]. They are presently an unofficially categorized under a folder called “Alternative Project” and has no official name yet.

The third and tenth images are related under a code name “Project Monolith”, and is a Sci-Fi lore I have been working on for about four-five years and is one of my most developed time wise due to it going through at least four complete revisions, deconstructed to the core and rebuilt again.

And finally, the Sixth image is based on a rift/portal design I have been working on for a Medieval/fantasy lore design which is presently my most [historically] developed as it has not taken any hits from revisions. It has several thousands of years of written/recorded historical timelines, and multiple realms, each with information relating to them as well.

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