It's so fun to start a new Alt

Especially when you have a stockpile of mats and items on hand to ease the process.

Everything is shiny and new, with that new oort smell. Getting to level 6 is a huge milestone (Yay Mass Crafting!).

Deciding on a name is always a pain, but after that is the glory of the new.

My future forger is at level seven. He’s currently sleeping while 2400 rock are mass crafting into stone under a teaching loaf. (thank you holiday event) Would have been a lot more but I ran out of time before work.


There’s a lot of easy objectives to complete if you know what you’re doing. And if you have a complete workshop you can get to lvl10+ with relative ease in an hour. There’s a lot of crafting objectives that require you to pick up your machines and a normal coil, then craft something. Use portal networks to complete some gatherer/miner/exploration ones too.