Ive had enough

Ive had enough of the connection issues since the new people have come along. Im moving on to other games. Ill check in on boundless from time to time considering i love this game and the idea behind it. But this is beyond an issue. If its not fixed within the time it takes for my build to expire then im afraid ill be done for good. Cause atm i cant even get to my own builds to do anything.

just be patient! these devs are dedicated to making sure everybody can play enjoyably without issues.
they hold disconnection issues as the top priority.

You can post in the problems thread for the current version and hopefully they can nail that bug. just give as much information as possible… Release 197 - Report issues here

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Without more details about the issue you’re experiencing then we can’t help resolve it.

  1. Q: I'm having connection / lag issues - help!?
  2. Q: How do you configure the bandwidth required by Boundless?
  3. Please share screen shots of the F1 -> Debug details -> Latency Graph, Chunk Downloading Rates, and the Latency Histogram. All found in the debug details.
  4. Please include screen shots capturing good and bad performance periods.
  5. Please share a game log.

I’m playing on Prime Time Weekend on Saturday, there’s players everywhere. Everything is working fine for me. No lag, portals open, no planets full.

Can you not connect to the game?
Is it laggy when you do connect?

What is the “connection issue” you are having?

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You sure it’s not just you becuase I’ve had a great experience regarding connectivity. Only had 1 crash in the 18 hours I put in and I was able to hop right back in.


hopefully the devs can help you sort out your issue,so far 40 hours in last few days and its been butter smooth for me in hubs with 15+ people around me,only thing that takes a second or 2 is the portals to load but thats to be expected.

I feel most of these issue are straight from your ISP… upgrade your package this is a very large and immersive game… yes other game are large but none are dedicated to players doing everything they do like this game…

When I first started playing over a year ago I was having connection issues and lag, it turned out to be my Internet connection, I had to upgrade from regular broadband to fiber, it’s not the fastest, only 32mb download and 11my upload but the most important thing is no packet loss.

I have crappy Spectrum internet, but have very few issues with the game connection.

I play with PS4 and I have some lag problems(game never crashed and never forced go back to sanctum)sometimes ping goes very high. Hunting is quite impossible. I have tried to change bandwidt but nothing seem to change. Maybe I can try to ask to my ISP.
Despite that I enjoy Boundless very much.
P. S. No problems with portals just wait few seconds sometimes.

I have crappy internet, plays from Southeast Asia, at least 4 people at home that could potentially be watching youtube but I don’t have major issue. There’s rubberbanding at times but will go away after a few second (probably 10 secs max. This seems to be more true with the recent influx of players.)

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I’ve been having a lot of connection issues as well. But all I do is just chill and hang out or play other games while I “patiently” wait for them to be fixed. Cause I know they will be.


I havent had any unplayable lag at all - ive had a few high lag spikes from time to time, when the server has a hiccup of a sorts, but other than that, its been really smooth for me

I have awesome internet, and a decent pc, and play literally every other game out there with no problem, while having a movie streaming in the background, and play on the Us servers where its even better.

I am also worried about how the connection issues will either get worse or better. It’s near impossible at times for me to play. CONSTANT unplayable connection. Move a little, watch my character rubber-band across the map into a lava pit, yay… Or break a block, and watch it re-appear 5 times before it goes into inventory.

I am patient and love this game. Not quitting. But the more that’s in a city the more connection issues there is. It’s like Aquatopia or Mobius plaza all over again. Even on us servers.

And I have played with and adjusted every network setting and all visual settings in the game.

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It will decrease the lag a lot if you turn off all the lighting effects such as bloom and decrease the view distance and detail of textures and terrain.